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  1. think the 3080/3080ti will be able to run a steady 60fps in 4k and maybe even more. It will be able to absolutely crush 1440p for even the most demanding games. Ive heard that Nvidia will brag about implementing the "second generation of ray tracing." Which I am pretty skeptical of because ray tracing is ray tracing. Maybe it will be able to run ray tracing in 4k without any extra burden on the GPU which would make more sense. Price wise, i wonder if nvidia will go down the same route as the RTX 20 line. Maybe they'll go down if big navi is decent
  2. It was like this out of the box. This is a brand new monitor.
  3. Zoomed up for contrast. I recent bought a brand new Gigabyte G32QC from Newegg. Its a 1440p, 165hz 32 inch panel and ive bought monitors cheaper than this and never had a problem. Is there any way I can fix this myself? Or do I have to contact newegg or gigabyte and get a replacement?
  4. Currently just completed a Ryzen 3800x build and I am about to get a 1440p 144hz monitor. I definitely plan on using this system as my console replacement, so instead of having a computer and a console to game on, I am going to use this system as my one device for all gaming and computing needs. With that being said, right now I am re using and old RTX 2070 non super I had laying around until I can decide which graphics card I will be using long term. My overall goal with this build is something that can at the very least meet and surpass the next gen consoles. I did some research and I figured out that the Xbox Series X will have a custom AMD RDNA 2 GPU that is capable of 12 teraflops per microsoft. I do not know much on the details of the PS5 but I do know that the series X will be the more powerful of the two. Apparently the only graphics cards in circulation today that meets and surpasses the series X is the 2080 super, which roughly matches it and the 2080 ti which does surpass it. In a few months, Nvidia is supposed to be releasing Ampere to consumers and I can imagine that the RTX 3080 will destroy both consoles or will at least surpass them. I cant decide if I should wait or drop 700-1100 bucks on a 2080 super or TI. No way to know this for sure right now but If the 3080 does release at around the 699 price point, I am more tempted to wait.
  5. I am hoping I will be able to game in 60fps on 4k when I'm completely done.
  6. I am 2 for 2 on builds as I completely taught myself how to do it through youtube videos and both times, I was able to POST on the first push of the power button. I wanted something I could play demanding games on without spending 4000 bucks on an alienware pre built system, So I decided to do it myself. My ultimate goal for this build is to surpass the Xbox series X, so I was able to get all of the essential components and I have it up and running but I am not completely done with it yet. For my CPU, I decided to go with Ryzen 7 3800x because the Xbox Series X's CPU is a custom chip from AMD but it is roughly equivalent to a 3700x, So I decided to go with the 3800x because I know I will meet or exceed the series x in processing power. Decided to go with the G.Skill Trident Z 32gb ram since the series X has 16gb of ram and I will be surpassing it on the memory. for my motherboard, I decided to go with the MSI meg ace x570. This is a higher quality motherboard than I had before and it has PCIe 4.0, I think it could last me a few years. For storage, I went with a WD blue SATA 1tb SSD and added my 2TB HDD that is mostly blank from the old build. I am also re using my old PSU as it was the only way to get this going since I literally could not find a decent power supply anywhere. I have an EVGA supernova 850w G5 on backorder but right now I am using my old Corsair cx650 non modular PSU. I did not feel like it was worth it to upgrade my graphics card since Nvidia's Ampere will be here in a few months, so for now I am re using my EVGA 2070 non super. Also, I did some research and I believe the only GPU that surpasses the Xbox series X right now is the 2080 ti, I am pretty sure Ampere will absolutely destroy or at least surpass the PS5 and the series X since I mean this is PC. Upgrades: PSU first. Maybe an aftermarket cooler. Nvidia Ampere when it comes out Maybe Ryzen 4 if its much better than what I have now.
  7. I just completed my second ever build and I am rocking a 3800x with a MSI meg ACE x570 board that was a minor miracle to find on newegg. Everything is fine except for the fact that I have noticed that this CPU runs a little hotter than my i7 8700. I am just using the stock cooler right now and I am getting the mid to high 40s at idle, while I was playing halo 2 anniversary, I was getting from the mid 60s to the mid 70s and when I was playing Fortnite, at 60fps I was at the mid to high 60s and when I cranked it up to 144fps, I was getting the mid to high 70s. It seems like my i7 8700 ran cooler with the terrible stock cooler that Intel provides. I am not sure if these are normal temps for Ryzen or not but I expected AMDs cooler to have better performance. I had some issues installing it but nothing too major, I imagine if it was a thermal paste issue, I would be getting into the 90s.