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  1. I Checked It... From Processor Side , It Supports Desktop Chipsets...(That's Great) But From The Rest Of The Aspects... Its Not That Impressive... I Mean Even Though Its Thicc, It Does Not Support Quadro RTX GPUs... Screens Does Not Go Beyond 4K 60Hz... And It Seems Even The Color Accuracy IS Not TRUE As Claimed... 2-3 Years Ago If You Would Have Suggested Me This, Then I Would Have Drooled Over It... No Doubt Its A Powerful Machine... BUT... ProArt StudioBook One IS Just Better(In Every Way)...
  2. Hey... A Few Months Ago Asus Announced Their Top Of The Line Mobile Workstation... Asus ProArt StudioBook One... https://www.asus.com/Laptops/ProArt-StudioBook-One-W590G6T/ Its Been Almost 2 months Since Its Announcement, But Still No Other Company Has Brought Anything To Rival It... Even Asus Has Not Released It In The Market (International, Not Regional)... So... Will We Be Seeing Something Like This In The Near Future Or Its Just One Of The Asus Concept Laptop Which Can Only Be Seen In Videos & Advertisements & Not In Real Life??
  3. Hi Guys... Water Cooled AIO , High Performance Coolant AIO And All Are Cool... BUT... Ever Tried A VODKA COOLED PC?? Checkout This Video From "LIFE OF BORIS" Channel And You Will Be Able To Tell Others That " My PC Is Really Drunk"...
  4. I have been thinking of a device which uses the CPU/GPU heat exhaust to light some smokes for those mid night trippy game sessions... Any Suggestions??
  5. Hi... I Am Planning To Buy A New GPU Which Can Be Used For Both "4K Gaming" As Well As "3D Model Rendering/CAED Simulations" My Options Are :- GeForce RTX 3080 GeForce RTX 3090 Quadro RTX 6000 Quadro RTX 8000 Please Suggest Me Something Which Can Do Both "Hi-Res Gaming & Heavy CAED"... (And Please Mention The Reasons For Your Suggestions)
  6. Hi ! I wanted to ask that does Linus giveaway his PCs? Since he makes like 3-4 builds per month, so probably there will be lots of spare rigs available...Isn't it? If he doesn't giveaway his PCs, then he should... Because that's what a good youtuber does....