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  1. Ill have to look this up in the case of this offer since they give you 3 years on the system. Im not sure if that extends to all the seperate parts as they are or just the complete system. Thanks for the tipp though, ill check out if that would work
  2. delidded? So undervolting decreases the ammount of electricity the chip gets, right? So it will decrease performance. This might sound dumb, but couldnt you basically "underclock" for the same effect? Im trying to understand the Idea behind it Funny enough, another regional variant seems to have proper cooling (360mm Radiator), but then has an XS Variant of the GPU, which as far as I read leads to higher temperatures. I kinda hope its a typo and my ALDI also gets the 360mm
  3. Ok, I have one last question before I go research on my own again. you all have been super helpfull, thansk for that! I went to the Manufacturers Website and they have a simular build but with a 360mm Watercooler. the only thing Im not sure about is the Grafics card: MSI NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER VENTUS XS OC Could anyone tell me what the VENTUS XS OC means? From what I could find it seems to be smaller, but a bit more powerfull than "Standart" RTX 2080 SUPER while drawing less electricity (6 pin vs 8 pin). Are there any drawbacks with the size?
  4. Ah, ok, thats why I asked Do you have experience with watercooling? I was wondering if lowering the Temps inside the PC with Case Fans would make a difference. Also, how much Temperature would be expected with the current setup? how much do you think would change with 240mm? Sorry If Im asking too much, Im just happy that people help me
  5. Just so I get a feel for this kind of thing: What difference in Temperatures would a 120 radiator make to a 240? would just adding additional case fans make a difference?
  6. The Case claims "Heatsink up to 160mm" is that the total hight with the motherboard included, or would that work with the Noctua NH-D15 someone else mentioned? I mean If Im gonna have to change it Ill probably just end up planning a bit longer and getting the components myself seperately, but it never hurts to learn
  7. yeah airflow/cooling was one of The things I was scared of getting screwed by since Prebuilds seem to skimp on them..
  8. Oh, so Ill probably end up choosing fitting Air cooling and installing that? Youre right, that doesnt sound too good. Im not sure about how much of a price increase it is over the parts themselfs (couldnt find all parts in sale), So Ill have to consider how much having a warranty is worth for me...
  9. Oh, and btw I´m reading all replies, Im just not fast enough to reply to all. Didnt expect to get so much help this fast, thanks
  10. How hard is it to replace the cooler with a 240mm? As I said, ive never worked with watercooling before If I remember right you are supposed to have a slight overpressure inside, right? So 2 in 2 out or 3 in 1 out would be better? Im still learning
  11. It seems so, the Website claims to be compatible with: 1 x 120 mm Fan back/ 120 mm Radiator 2 x 120 mm Fan side/ 240 mm Radiator 3 x 120mm Fan below / 360 mm Radiator How hard would it be to connect a new Radiator to an AiO?
  12. Thanks for your reply! Do you think the motherboard will be enough to handle upgrades down the line? As I said they are probably the component that confuses me the most. what do you mean by a 240? 240mm radiator?
  13. Thanks for the fast Reply! What kind of radiator/cooling would you recommend? Thats actually about what I was planning originally, the i9 is in the prebuild though. Would the i9 be more "future proof" or will it be too old just as fast? But yeah, that would be a reason why I consider building it myself, but I kinda like having warranty too
  14. Hi LTT Forum, Im pretty new to the whole PC building hobby (my previous ones were build by a friend and I wanted to give it a try too), so after a lot of watching videos and learning, i got a rought Idea of what PC I wanted to get. And then ALDI brings out a Prebuild that has pretty much what I wanted to get. I would like to ask for three things with this: 1) Is there any bottlenecks in this i should be aware of 2) How easy would it be to upgrade this in the future? Especially the Motherboard since i was planning on spending more to ensure that I dont need to switch it soon (Motherboards still confuse me a lot with whats compatible etc). 3) Does anyone have experience with the Water cooling system and/or Case used? (I was planning on using air cooling, but I dont have a problem with water cooling) My main concern is how long my system will last and be decent, so good thermals are important. The Specs: Name: MEDION ERAZER X61 Mainboard: MSI MPG Z390M Gaming Edge. Prozessor: Intel Core i9 9900K Cooling: AiO Watercooling (Alphacool Eisbaer 120mm) GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 Super RAM: 32 GB DDR4-RAM (3.200 MHz) by Patriot Storage: 1 TB SSD (PCIe 3.0, M.2), 4 TB HDD PSU: Seasonic Focus GX-750W (750 Watt, modular) Case: In Win 101 I also considered getting the components myself and building it (with some changes, so if you have some suggestions I would be happy to hear them :) ALDI offers a 3 year warranty and usually has pretty good customer service, which would be a reason to maybe buy it directly, but its also more pricy (parts them selfes seem to be around 2100€, They charge 2599€) What do you guys think? Sorry if its dumb, im still trying to learn. So thanks in advance, hope you all are having a great day! :)