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  1. what connector are you looking at? can you send an image? Where is it on the board?
  2. well, good luck on your soldering endeavors! Hope it fixes it, and we hope we've been a good help!
  3. while not perfect, it will help immensely. Just place a heatsink on the cpu and unplug the ps2 keyboard (or plug one in if you havent had one plugged) and see if it works.
  4. Seems like anything's game at this point. We may even encounter a completely different issue.
  5. if this is solved by plugging the board in I swear..... well.... at least we may have found this guy's solution.... While you're at it, if it still has an error can you record the beeping code for us?
  6. looks like you should just replace the chip and see if it works at this point. otherwise keeping looking for ICs that appear to have been knocked off or not working, or maybe CAREFULLY try and see what voltages are looking like to relevant chips when it's powered on.
  7. or donate the board to someone who'd want to legitimately work on it
  8. If you cannot find anything bad on the board, it's only about 9 dollars for the part you're looking for. worse case scenario, you gather a bit more soldering skills and more information on how computer motherboards are designed
  9. I can't read what it says, but it may be given the information posted by mariushm
  10. I am not sure how to go by testing anything like that, have you found any fuses yet? Another thing to try is follow the traces to other components (capacitors, resistors, etc.) and see if those are good
  11. I'm not sure about this, but maybe D19 is a fuse? Its right next to the beeper speaker.