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  1. Hello. I use an i5 4590 Dell Optiplex 3020 with an elgato HD60 Pro as my dedicated streaming streaming PC. I have an old GTX 960 GB GPU laying around and I was wondering if it was worth it to install into the system? Will it help my system perform better? Will i need a new PSU to install it? It only has the stock one. Is it worth purchasing a new PSU for the upgrade? Will said PSU work with the dell optiplex internals? Thanks.
  2. Like this one? I also need to be able to put the elgato in it. So this small form factor may not work well.
  3. I found an elgato HD60 Pro for a price that was too good to pass up, but my main build is very old (I bought it when the CPU, an i5 4950, was brand new.) But I do not have the money to purchase a better gaming build to use this one as a streaming PC. I considered getting an Ryzen 5 3600, b450, ddr4 and a PSU. (I have a chassis, storage devices and could put A GTX 920 in my current build and put my GTX 1060 in my "new" main build.") but considering the price for a build that would be bottle-necked by my GPU. It wasn't worth my time. Could you either link or give me a string to find wh
  4. Why not? Considering the socket, could I spend some cash to put in a new CPU? Thanks.
  5. Hello. I have a dell optiplex 980, i7 860 (4 cores, 8 threads) 4x2 GB RAM (I might be able to get it to 2x8 gb depending on if the mobo can handle the dimm's clock speeds. [ i think 1866Mhz, ]) ATI GPU `(ATI Radeon ATI-102-B62902(B)) I also have a gaming build that cannot handle streaming and gaming at the same time. My goal is to use an Elgato HD60 Pro and plug that into the dell 980 and use it as a dedicated streaming PC. According to elgato's website, the system requirements are as follows: I have windows 10 x64 running on the system now. I c
  6. Howdy! Currently troubleshooting a system that won’t boot. I located the problem down to the RAM. This is a pair of 2x8 DIMMs, using the other DIMM, I could get the system to boot. But, if I put this stick in, either by itself or trying dual channel, the PC would not boot. I took the DIMM out and noticed this: This is the only thing identifying itself as to why the DIMM is failing. Is it even worth attempting to repair this? Considering this is my secondary budget build, I’m not trying to sink a ton of money into the system but still want the 16 gi
  7. Hello! while troubleshooting booting issues on my ASRock Z97 Pro4 motherboard, I accidentally did this: Do I have any hope of fixing this? I have a second PCIe slot, it’s mainly there for AMD Crossfire but I’m assuming it’s x8 instead of x16, I just bought a new 5700XT, will using that second slot destroy the newly found performance? thanks!
  8. Ordered some ddr3 ram off of amazon, how can I determine if other components are working or not, what are telltale signs of functioning?
  9. Just removed my AIO, the CPU immediately warmed up upon boot attempt. (Never got anywhere dangerous.) Im not sure if that rules it out, but I’m not sure how else to check it. so, how can I rule out my mobo and RAM sticks? I guess I’ll have to go buy some ram sticks to see if they will function correctly in the board
  10. I’m assuming this means that one of my key components has failed, can the GPU be ruled out because the fans are spinning? can the mobo be ruled out because the pump and fans work? im assuming that the PSU can be ruled out also. If I take the AIO off and boot the computer for a second and touch the i5 to see if it’s hot, would that mean that the i5 is working? I’m not sure. It stopped at one point I’m not sure what it was at all. P.S. yes I know my ram is not in DIM.A1 I was trying all of them. also, th
  11. Hello! I just got my sapphire 5700xt nitro+ in the post today and decided to plug it into my system. System Specs: i5, 4500k ASRock Z97 Pro4 16 gigs DDR3 (previously a GTX 1060 SSC) 550w Bronze 80+ PSU. h510i I uninstalled NVIDIA GPU drivers before shutting down my PC. After installing the sapphire GPU, my PC does this: After “turning on” the PC will sit there, not displaying any output, and eventually do this. Zero output. I tried putting my old GPU in, won’t boo
  12. Does the sticker still attached to my psu (Illegal, I know) help determine what wattage the PSU would output at 12v? I'm assuming 528W but I have a slight inclination I am wrong. I appreciate the quick response!
  13. Here is the CPU cooler. https://www.amazon.com/Asetek-550LC-Liquid-Cooler-Heatsink/dp/B06XJD98JT/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1184177-REG/xfx_force_p1550sgren_ts_bronze_series_550w.html