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  1. silence not, linear thats not lubed and im split between gateron red, black, yellow , kailh box red and black and thats it
  2. So i use Outemu blue and im getting fatigued from the click, and i want linear since it doesnt make sound and i want it to be very smotth and not lubed sinc i mnot experienced with that nad i want the switches form cherry kaihua or gateron sen your opinions please THX
  3. Welp @5GigaaHertz Its a double-edged Sword... Bluetooth gives your Device more battery Life, and the 2.4GHZ dongle gives you more performance
  4. no no dont take this the wrong way please... i agree with you they do look fantastic but im geared towards the GPW THX for your comment
  5. Well thank you guys everyone for your comments and opinions Im going to buy the GPW plus PTFE feet von ARC Tiger thank you again Appreciate it alot
  6. thank you.. it may be sound stupid, but the matte finish on the VU actually hurt my palm its like i rested and rubbed my palm on sandpaper... i hab no problems with the GPW
  7. Primarily, i was spilt between GPW and VU and everyone was saying... OOO VU dethroned GPW here and there... and tbh i dont need 20.000 DPI or a charging dock for 190€... And i just wanted to know if the gpw is still a good pick in 2020 (It is the 2nd best wirelesss mouse after VU after all) ANd the GPW is discounted right new (the new model is 99€)
  8. In my Region (Switzerland... Logitech a swiss company) , Logitech started a refresh of the GPW... completely removing the doubleclick problem... the Model D is too large for me and ik, the model d- is coming but.... ill stick to the GPW... my desk is crowded with things and having a wireless mouse is refreshing
  9. 17,5 cm... I prefer the fingertip grip and the palm grip.... and the GPW fits them perfectly...