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  1. thanks for the information bro
  3. pc value: $59 intel i3 , 4GB DDR3L ,intel HD 4400 graphics, 1TB HDD

  4. Make sure you didn't broke the pins on the processor because i have face these problems on many intel processors.May the same apply to ryzen cpu's
  5. HELLO FELLAS! i have a core i3 4005U @ 1.7GHZ and 4 GB ram @ 1700MHZ and looking forward to start a youtube channel(dedicated to GAMING) to support my studies and my family at such an pandemic time this thing is terribly slow on INTEL 4400 GRAPHICS and i am using Hitfilm express for video editing on this super slow machine and it even struggles to get 30+ fps on this machine even with an SSD so i cannot do anything on this machine i want you to help me me with this old machine also as this is a laptop it has a mobile cpu .
  6. it's from the year 2013-14 this is dell inspiron 15 3000 series with core i3 4005U @1.7GHZ
  7. yeah its something like that plese see the below image
  8. yes my laptop provides me the facility to upgrade or replace processor
  9. hey fellas! This is ryder here i just wanna know which one is better to upgrade i have a tight budget and want to upgrade my old laptop, but i have only two ways one is to upgrade my RAM to 8 GB from 4GB or to upgrde my processor to core i5 from i3. Can someone help me EDIT 1 :IT's terribly slow because of intel HD 4400 GRAPHICS
  10. you must write a letter complaining about the computers each one of your class could drop a single letter in the school suggestion box that would reaaly affect you school staff. the same issue was with our school the use intel core 2 duo ,1 GB ram and those big boxes of CRT monitors but now we have core i3 8th gen processor with 8 GB ram and LCD monitors with resolutions of 3866x768 pixels.After we all sign a letter to the principal of the schoo;.
  11. if your device has more than 1.5 GB of free RAM at idle conditions than you are able to select aroound 1024 MB. i was able to allocate around 900 Mb while i was trying to install windows 2000
  12. this is an experiment we don't care if it will fail or may work because its an experiment
  13. HEY fellas, new day with new piece of sh!t in mind. Today we are gonna make a old laptop keep up with modern world. Today i found an very light weight linux distribution called SOLITAZ OS this operating system only occupies 50 mb of disk storage here we are having SOLO S120 with 1GB HDD, PENTIUM/120 CPU,256K CACHE and 32 GB of RAM. so for installing the os to the machine we would need to create a bootable disk you can use a usb if your machine has a usb slot but i will stick with cd as my machine only supports cd not usb. i used windows burner to burn the os to the cd .Once done,i inserted the disk to my machine and booted from it keep in mind it gonna be very slow as at this time the os is running from CD. but at last my cd reader died as this machine was 20+YRs now i removed the harddisk from the machine and bought several adapters they are- 1) IDE TO SATA CONVERTER 2)NVME TO SATA CONVERTER now i was having a very fast system memory i still had to install the OS to the storage device for which i had to use one of those hp compaq dx2700 to install the os the storage device now once done i ran into an issue that the machine was not recognizing the storage so i ran back to be hp computer and tried certain formats which were capable with the machine but nothing worked but after 14 hours of painful work on this machine i somehow managed to formate the thing into fat16 thanks to hp disk care software and etcher and finally we were booted into linux oon the machine and this is how i made an old computer come to live again now this thing had a write speed of only 400MB/s (maybe due to some compatibility isses) and a 32 GB storage which was a super rare deal at the moment now i also opened the battery pack and placed new batttery's in the casing which gave me a backup power for 7 hours of continous work thanks to such a light weight Operating system now that my cd drive doesn't work i placed the original hard disk there and without any formating the os does detects the hard disk now i ran with an issue where my laptop was freezing when it was booted but i fixed it by selecting boot from hard disk. Now may this works terribly slow but you can watch youtube videos at 360p without any frame drops/fluteering and is a good choice for making notes with 7-4 hours battery backup and attention of classmates staring at your machine(especially that girl on which you have crush) EDIT: THE LAPTOP HAS 32KB RAM