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  1. This is the DIMMs that I have https://www.ramcity.com.au/products/ddr3-1600-rdimm-m393b1g70qh0-yk0?variant=31151058714658
  2. Thanks for the replies. Probably missed a few details. I have some spare ECC DIMMS and i plan to replace my very old 1150 cpu with a Xeon. Same mom however. which is a MSI-H87I (https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/H87I.html) No real major reason to do a complete system upgrade so was thinking I could reuse the spare ECC DIMMS I have along with putting in the Xeon.
  3. Can I use ECC ram with a mobo and CPU that does not support ECC? Will it work just without all the features of ECC or just wont work at all?
  4. lfk

    VPN suggestions

    Anyone have any suggestions for a well performing VPN service for Australia based household? 99% of browsing is legit, maybe the odd torrent when useless streaming services in Australia don't bring content for months\years after its released Would need to support site to site PN from my ubiquiti router and have mobile (ios) options also for on the go. Main concern with VPN service providers is privacy and breaches. Can we still trust some of those who have failed in these areas still? Many thanks.
  5. I plan to build a sff machine to run a media server. It needs to be SFF as I only have limited space to put the machine. Added to that the case needs to be able to house 2 maybe 3 HDD's for storage along with SSD for O\S. The plan is to use a mini-itx board and CPU with as many cores I can afford for transcoding (probably Ryzen) with built in graphics (no need for a grunty GPU). PSU can be internal or power brick but prefer internal. Rough dimensions i have to work with (with maybe 10-20mm buffer) are: Height - 3.7 in Depth - 12.3 in Width - 11.4 in Any ideas?