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  1. lfk

    Monitor dilema

    I have a dilema i need others thoughts. I have spend $600 and get 2x 4K monitors (specs below) OR 2 x 29 inch ultrawide (specs below) for $600 also. I'm not a huge gamer in fact i rarely game and if I do its for an hour. Plus I only have RX470 which suits me but probably wouldn't go very well at running games in 4K. I like the widescreen aspect and I do work in After Effects and Premiere and 3D like Maya and Houdini etc. Although the ultrawides are nice and wide the 4K's seems to have better colours. What should I get? 4K Brightness
  2. I am so sick of Microsoft and Edge. I just updated Edge and it wiped all my personalization settings. Even removed the installed extensions and worst of all put me back to that POS Bing search engine. I'm so sick of this cr*p from MS. Anyone recommend an alternate browser that is good on security and not a complete and total f*cking POS?
  3. As an update was able to reinstall from an external drive. HDD was extremely slow, suspect on its last legs. Pulled it out and added SSD runs better than when it was new. week later HDD was being used as a junk drive and it died totally. I swear Apple time bomb their shit to fail intentionally or run very very slow.
  4. Yep went with large single channel to setup for better and most cost effective upgrade later on. PSU was a spare so i used it. I've used them for years always been solid for me.
  5. Budget low spec gaming\editing rig under $500 AUD Gigabyte B450M H WD Blue 500GB SSD Ryzen 5 3400G 16 GB Rotanium Magic-201 Spare PSU
  6. Oh didn't know that was possible. Will give it a try, any idea where i can find the procedure to create the bootable drive?
  7. Late 2012 Model A1418 (EMC 2544) I should note the machine was given to me to get data of the drive. It is pretty dusty on the outside but I've seen worse. As I said the case on the back is warm but I can leave my hand on it so its not overly hot. However I don't know if a imac case should warm up at all so I don't know if what I am feeling is normal or not. Also no fan noise at all that I can tell.
  8. I have an older imac that sits on the loading progress bar at or around 100% constantly. Got into recovery mode once however it would freeze for 5 seconds then respond for a second then freeze for 5 seconds repeat that over and over until it seemed to just completely lock up. Can't get it into Safe Mode either. Is it hardware? The case doesn't feel particularly hot, could it be overheating?
  9. looks like you may be right. Connected with a trial VPN and do not appear to have anything extra.
  10. Greetings, I am based in AU and for a number of reasons am about to sign up to a VPN service. One being the ability to unlock US Netflix. The option sin AU are very limited. This led me to the question is a VPN all you need to sign into US netflix or do I need a US Netflix subscription also. Has anyone had a similar experience or known if all I need to that VPN? Much appreciated.
  11. I have a Win10 machine I want to try and convert into a kind of gaming appliance. Plug it into the big TV placed in the media cabinet that I use to play games which should all be doable but I was trying to find out of there was some kind of skin or game mode etc. that would make it look "console like" rather than the standard Win 10 desktop. Any thoughts?
  12. This is the DIMMs that I have https://www.ramcity.com.au/products/ddr3-1600-rdimm-m393b1g70qh0-yk0?variant=31151058714658
  13. Thanks for the replies. Probably missed a few details. I have some spare ECC DIMMS and i plan to replace my very old 1150 cpu with a Xeon. Same mom however. which is a MSI-H87I (https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/H87I.html) No real major reason to do a complete system upgrade so was thinking I could reuse the spare ECC DIMMS I have along with putting in the Xeon.
  14. Can I use ECC ram with a mobo and CPU that does not support ECC? Will it work just without all the features of ECC or just wont work at all?
  15. lfk

    VPN suggestions

    Anyone have any suggestions for a well performing VPN service for Australia based household? 99% of browsing is legit, maybe the odd torrent when useless streaming services in Australia don't bring content for months\years after its released Would need to support site to site PN from my ubiquiti router and have mobile (ios) options also for on the go. Main concern with VPN service providers is privacy and breaches. Can we still trust some of those who have failed in these areas still? Many thanks.