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  1. I recently acquired a turn table and a whole Cabinet from a repo house, and they are straight from the 70's I genuine love listening to older genres on that, but that's a once in a while thing. it allows me to go back in time to that era and feel like I am part of that time, you just can't get that with digital man. I thought I would share
  2. Hi, Hello, Thank you for reading, and sorry for the abrasiveness. I read through a lot of other threads, I seen a lot of reviews, and a LOT of monitors that just don't fit my bill. I don't want much either. So I my new pc is going to be used for gaming and content creation. I am not a hardcore gamer so 360hz and super low response time isn't important to me Monitor one, My gaming/Main Display I am looking for: Curved between 30-34 inches at least 1440 at least 144hz under 800$ Monitor two, My color editing screen I am looking for: 4k HDR 10 Display Colors 27 inches good contest ratio AS a photographer and video editor I still don't understand Gamma so I trust you brilliant people Under 800$ After going through a lot of different monitors and a few forms (I plan on doing more detailed looks in to these later too) these are the ones I have saw were the best I just want to see what you good people could suggestion or see your opinion on my choices. I really appreciate your help with my search, I always hate asking forms for help (and I do it a lot, because I can't pull a trigger alone) so really thank you so much (also will cyber Monday be worth the wait for either sick discounts or new monitors)
  3. You might be able to make more money from selling it as a whole unit, people will pay for the "Service" of it being together. clean it up, see if they need any help with installing windows or new harddrives simple stuff anything and you can probably get another 20 bucks. What I did was Go on PC part picker, put in all your parts see what the price is (which would be total for if you sold it for parts more or less) drop it down 10 currency pre year used Add 20 or so bucks for it being a complete build. Jack it up another 50 so when they ask for cheaper you can let them win in a negotiation. Profit
  4. Starting off, sorry if this has been asked 50 times, and if there is a tread for this I couldn't find it sorry again but there is no define answer for what I saw. So I entered in the the ROG reboot, I didn't put my heart and soul into it as much as I wish I had; so I don't expect to win but there is always hope. After seeing zen 3 keynote I am ready to sell a kidney to upgrade my computer to get a PC that can game again (my original pc broke lol) I was just wondering if there is going to be an announcement somewhere on who the winners will be or at least the top 25/10/5. I saw the how many people entered so I am not expecting soon, but I want to keep up to date on all of this so at least I know. Good luck to all the other participates, lets just hope the pc goes to someone who needs it and not already have a better one in there home *cough cough* twomad *cough cough*
  5. I saw the ddr5 comment in another thread didn't think of that. You have a fantastic point.thank you
  6. Sorry to add more and questions based around this announcement. But i been trying to keep up todate with AMD so my knowledge isn't complete I need an upgrade and I am not the guy who upgrades very launch. I saw the possible features in the x670 chip set and they seem great. To see 5000 wont be using them made me think. Should I wait for the next series which will be next yesr roughly. Upgrade "today" get a more low budget friendly build (5800x/5600x and a b550 board) or go all out today and forget the future? For context I am a content creator, my work has slown down because how slow my current rig is. So full wait is not possible, but a partial upgrade to wait for something much better is. Thank you in advance.
  7. That's exactly what I was looking for. Seems like I will lean towards green lol
  8. but I am more curious on the companies AMD and Nivida. Better support and all ya know?
  9. I am looking for workstation use mostly, but i am planing on using the same rig for gaming. How bad does it falter. If you could answer that. Because its minimum it doesn't matter. I don't need 300 fps on average lol
  10. so I am waiting holding out to see what big navi can accomplish. But hypothetical... Lets say AMD comes out with 3 graphics cards benchmark EXCALLY THE SAME as the 3000 series. Same specs and all. Which card would be more ideal? For: work station use -3d modeling and cad softwares -video rendering like after effects and such Gaming use Nivida has been in the game much longer so I would assume they have better drivers and compatability. But I thought the same with intel and look at AMD processors now.
  11. Well either way I got one of them saved a little over 80 bucks on the 1tb! lol Thank you though this information is really helpful!
  12. Oh no I am not talking about load times, hence me coming here, google is FILLED with ssds improving load times. I am talking about future games. I am sorry my question become misleading when I mentioned the Hard drive thing I have no idea how to describe the "new feature" but I am talking about this. I know PS5 is doing and Nivida talked about it too
  13. Sabrent had a pretty good sale for their NVMe's doing a speed up to 5000mps, I know there is worth in this for transferring large files and for workstation set ups. But is there much worth in these speeds for gaming yet? I know engines are now going to pull data straight from the storage device in upcoming games, but wouldn't it make more sense to get something that could just do 3400mps at a cheaper cost or even as low as 500mps for even cheaper?
  14. Do you need stay why you want to win. What games you play and all that in the video or can it be done in the description?