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  1. Alright I definitely will. Probably wont be for another week or so though :\. Ill post something about everything I made
  2. although according to DIY perks video which I watched, it involved a small controller for converting the DC power on the board. Apparently thats inside the amazon link I sent and according too the reviews, it draws power FROM the mac
  3. I could also just use the board I posted about before and this one: https://www.amazon.com/JXMOX-Charger-Charging-Compatible-2018-Grey/dp/B07TVMBZ75/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=usbc%2Bpd%2Bwire%2B1%2Bfoot&qid=1591234986&sr=8-1&th=1#customerReviews So male to male usbc and the barrel plug to femal usbc
  4. Why not? Does PD not give DC power? Also preferably amazon or ebay america
  5. Im trying to power this controller board for an lcd display I have. https://www.ebay.com/itm/VGA-HDMI-DVI-LCD-LED-screen-Controller-Driver-Board-Work-Kit-For-NEW-LTN156AT27/383529326165?hash=item594c211655:g:3JIAAOSwfvlerUsw Its powered by a 12V barrel plug adapter meant to be plugged into a wall. I want this to work as a second screen for my mac and thus must be portable. Does anyone know of a usbc to barrel plug adapter that will supply the Controller Board power from my mac's battery? Something like this I believe: https://www.amazon.com/USB-C-2-5mm-Emulator-Trigger-Laptop/dp/B07P81526M#customerReviews But I need it to have a male usbc so I dont have to buy another wire.
  6. Im personally fine with the current color scheme, but itd be cool if there was a light strip. Maybe put one of those cheap battery packs that you can easily wire up to the side? So a separate battery compartment for RGB. Mouse seems pretty impossible imo though.
  7. I have a Logitech G602 and G613. Theyre both wireless, which is really nice for me but neither of them are rgb :\. Whats the feasibility of diying some led strips onto the keyboard and/or mouse in order to make them rgb. The trickiest part imo would be somehow wiring it up so that the led strips are powered by the batteries to keep wireless functionality. Im definitely interested in your thoughts!
  8. Hey this is an identical hard drive for much cheaper https://www.adorama.com/SET2000DM008.html?sterm=TTgStF3JRxyOWNXwUx0Mo38SUkiwbpwhsSR6xU0&utm_source=rflaid912925
  9. meh ill look at linus's video. i think ive seen it before, but ill rewatch it. If I do want to use speakers I do have a bose bluetooth speaker at home whch is not great but good enough
  10. Anyone got some cheap speakers for about 30 USD to reccomend. Preferably 2.1 but 2.0 is ok too. MUST be better than built in speakers with Spectre 24 inch curved gaming monitor. I don't have an amp or dac but my mobo has the surround sound multicolored ports
  11. Fake for sure. No way anyone can sell that many r7 3700x for only 50 bucks
  12. Meh I doubt 3300x will increase because people are waiting on 4000 series which is supposed to be much better. You should get B450 is you don't need to upgrade to 4000