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  1. anything? still havent gotten a response from ubisoft
  2. tried reinstalling battleye already. tried admin start too.
  3. nope it just starts then flashes black screen then exits
  4. 4670K GTX1070 16GB 120ssd 240ssd 200ssd 240ssd 500hdd
  5. Help me. My rainbow six isnt starting. Ive tried reinstalling and repairing the game but its still not working.
  6. Nevermind....found a Dell Latitude 7440 with a 256gb ssd and i5 for 200
  7. Hey guys....so for the last couple years I've been in the market for a new laptop. I have not seen anything worth my time for the price range. I bought a Dell Inspirion 14z in 2012 i think and was the fastest little thing i ever had. $200 with a 500gb hdd and 32gb ssd core i3 and 6gb ram. im sure the ssd used for RST is what made this laptop fast. Boot times were around 15 secs on win 10. cheapo 720p screen. So i havent found anything personally as fast or faster than this stupid little laptop. Anyone find anything comparable? in the like 300 and lower range? honestly