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  1. Does anyone know if the shire hp omen motherboard supports a core i9 9900k?
  2. What should i use to clean the paste on the cpu and liquid cooler and can i use any thermal paste to put them together again?
  3. Can u connect a Nintendo switch controller to pc for steam and origin?
  4. My monitor is the hp omen x25 240hz monitor with g sync and i have an rtx 2080 super
  5. Should i use a hdmi cable or display port when connecting monitor to graphics card?
  6. do i have to pay extra for steam games for example if i want to purchase rocket league which £15 is it going to charge me more when im checking out like VAT and stuff like that?
  7. Does anyone know what gpu supports open gl 2.1?
  8. so to sum it all up what ur saying is i can use both controllers below at the same time on my pc with the xbox usb adapter?
  9. could u show me a picture of the usb dongle so ik which one to buy
  10. can i use the controller below and a usb adapter to connect it to my pc(bearing in mind the controller is bluetooth)
  11. would u recommend i get 1 bluetooth controller and 1 that uses a usb?