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  1. So, I ended up reinstalling my OS and got an SSD a few weeks ago (not too long after my last message), and I haven't noticed any significant usage. Guess it's solved. Not sure why. Huh.
  2. @aiHAL what you're asking is a broad question. There's many different types of modding within Minecraft, some even refer to Spigot/Bukkit plugins as mods, then you have Sponge plugins, Forge mods, vanilla mods/modded clients, etc. Spigot/Bukkit plugins are Java, Spigot actually provides a comprehensive guide for this here. Forge mods are also Java and Minecraft's Gamepedia provides a simple getting started guide here. Sponge plugins are Java, they also provide docs here As for modded clients, that's a bit more difficult and requires more effort and knowledge...but you'll have to find your own resources there because it's version specific and heavily depends on your end goal.
  3. Are you referring to the way SteamDB does it? They use the Steam user ID or the custom URL. Since names are not unique, you couldn't just "get the id" based on the name of the player alone. Also, why would you pay money? Is the Steam API not free? I don't have access, just reading through docs to verify the answer I gave.
  4. Uh, yeah. This is still happening. Started at ~11:22am EST and still is going as I write this, 12:03pm EST. I really have no idea what on earth could be causing this. Last runs related to Windows Defender: Is there something in the verification that does something weird a few hours after? As of 12:08pm EST it looks like it's calmed down a bit. Maybe it's time to reset the PC perhaps? Or do that and upgrade to an SSD?
  5. I know this may be premature and I haven't looked to far into it. Only saw a couple things from the WAN show. For the 3000 series, do we have any prices or predicted prices?
  6. Yeah, but ideally we wouldn't build it until she's down here with me more long term...so closer to November or black friday. We're really just trying to get an idea of what's suggested by the community based on the requirements. It's not insane, I mean my 1050ti can handle Overwatch at 144hz with 1080p on low settings...so yeah. Really just worried about making sure it a) can last a while without needing like major upgrades and b) can remain stable even when streaming, voice chats, gaming at 144hz, multi monitor, etc. I know most current gen hardware can do that with ease; but will wait till next gen comes out to get much better value. Although I think she'd like some freedom to be able to play like AAA games on max off stream or whatever. Really although Overwatch is the primary game, I'd like to have a build that can be of value for a while...at least a couple years. Now, if I may ask, why would you recommend the Intel over AMD? Is there an edge case here for 1080p streaming vs 900p that you'd recommend that change?
  7. So, besides the curved monitor...any suggestions? I'm not sure if curved would be the best for this...I don't know. @BlueScope819 I like the build you got there. Definitely will bookmark it for later. Maybe come Black Friday we could get it even lower. Obviously the pricing can't be exact because...yeah. 3rd party stuff. @NZgamer like where? The closest thing for me is Best Buy (Charlotte, NC). She's in Philly right now so it may be easier for her. In her words she wants it to "make that clack sound" Love her, but yeah. She def wants mechanical. I'm thinking about recommending mine to her. I have G703 Lightspeed and G413 keyboard. @Statik I might bump closer to then, just trying to get some foundational stuff right now so we can start planning for it or maybe even add more to it later. If we get a basic idea of what kind of parts you all recommend then we can build off that and come closer to BF then we can finalize a couple builds and look at sales then. Definitely gonna wait for new hardware...then the current hardware that's still perfect for this stuff will become even cheaper.
  8. Budget (including currency): Max $2,500 USD Country: United States Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: She primarily be using it for Overwatch and streaming to Twitch. Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): So my girlfriend is wanting to join the PC people. All of her friends, including me, are on PC. Now she streams to Twitch through PS4 currently, but she'll want to stream from PC too. So she's willing to spend more for that and for it to be stable. So 900p/1080p, 60FPS stream. 2 monitors, at least 1 of them should be 144hz. I suggested 1 60hz and 1 144hz because in my experience it wouldn't make sense to have 2 144hz if she's not utilizing both to their potential, although I'm willing to hear opinions on it. Would also love to hear recommendations on mice, keyboard, and headset you all have. I'm suggesting a Blue Yeti for her mic, up to debate though if you have any other suggestions. She doesn't need full XLR setup right now. She's willing to spend upwards of $2,500 USD. I told her that $2.5k can get her a lot of value; but that has to include everything. EDIT: I know this edit is before I posted, but I was just looking...I might actually suggest the Yeti X...look nice, and looks very focused towards streaming and such. Thoughts? She won't have a desk or chair either, so we'll need to add that if possible to the budget but if it can't fit with all your recommendations then we'll go from there. So here's the requirements: It must be able to handle 1080p+ gaming for games like Overwatch with at least high quality (ideally more, but high is fine) at 144hz Streaming to Twitch with at least 900p@60FPS Must be able to be able to be used for at least a year or two without upgrading major components Peripherals have to be added so this isn't all just for PC We'll also need a copy of W10 This probably wouldn't happen until closer to Black Friday so maybe we look at getting those sales? So something higher price now if you all believe it will go on sale, but maybe with a backup plan in case Although she does want that standard like almost showing off setup, in a way performance would be better for now Color/Theme wise, black/dark color. Not the standard e-girl pink Oh obviously being able to handle multitasking is needed, figured this is implied but better to mention it instead of getting questions later AMD or Intel, doesn't matter. Whichever would give us the most bang for the buck. Everything must match more or less or flow well for a nice looking setup As for peripherals, I've been using all logitech stuff so I know it a bit more...but she's willing to look at other brands EDIT: Looking at the Blue Yeti X it seems as it's a good choice with Logitech because it seems like it has some good integrations with it. EDIT 2: Just want to clarify that this build is gonna be at least a couple months out. We're planning relatively early so we have a solid foundation and can have more time to fine tune the build to her desires and such without feeling rushed closer to black friday to quickly get a half assed build together.
  9. No scheduled scan, just checked. That was one of the first things I did when diagnosing. It was my first thought actually.
  10. These are the last run tasks: All the 8:00am ones were when I logged in this morning. It all started prior to the Google update task too. It start around 11:40am today. It seems to have settled now; but still.
  11. This is a common trend I'm noticing daily. Every day around 11:45-12:30pm EST my PC will end up with this: As I'm writing this, it's happening so I'm screenshotting it and uploading to show how it's acting. Now, the CPU and memory usage are fine, but when playing Overwatch and running everything else this makes my computer almost unusable. I understand I have a hard disk (to be honest it's probably not the best write speeds anyway) and I need to upgrade...but that is not an option at the moment. It can last a short period, or a while (sometimes I just completely reboot after like 45 minutes just to get it to stop freaking out). I haven't fully tested or timed it. I've checked any scheduled or automatic tasks, there are none. It's not realtime protection or anything...I'm always running that. I've even tested disabling it and it still does it. I've been searching for a while and everyone says it's running a scan, or it's a scheduled task, or it's realtime protection...I've checked all of those. Not it. This is really frustrating and it hasn't done this ever until probably a month ago. I've tried to diagnose it, and I can't think of anything besides maybe it's updating it's database but it says it last updated at 8am EST (4 hours ago). Anyway, here's what Defender is saying as of right now: I can't think of anything that could be directly causing this so I'd figured it is time to reach out and see if anyone else has experience with this? System Info Don't judge me too harshly, I need an upgrade bad but I can't afford it right now and honestly the system still performs well for most all my needs (gaming, streaming, programming). I will end up upgrading, but will probably just build a whole new system if I upgrade any major components. The next major upgrade I'm gonna do is finally after so many years move from HDD to SSD but that requires time and money I don't have at the moment. OS Windows 10 Home 64-bit - Build 18362 CPU AMD FX-8350 GPU MSI NVIDIA GTX 1050TI (4GB) RAM 16GB DDR3 (I can't remember what brand) HDD (the main one) Copied directly from CrystalDiskInfo Western Digital WDC WD10EZEX-08WN4A0, 7200 RPM If anyone has any info or suggestions, let me know. I'm willing to try most anything...it makes Overwatch unplayable...I go from 140+ FPS to literally like 5 FPS. It hinders the games ability to stream assets too it seems (invisible characters in game, etc).
  12. I like the new profile pic