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  1. DewisLavid


    I have tried all the slots but it just won’t have it have come to the the conclusion that the ram has somehow died in the pace of about 15 mins of not being in the pc
  2. For anyone wondering what the cause was, when one ram was in it was fine as soon as I added the matching ram stick wouldn’t display anything found added the matching one on its own still wouldn’t work so for some reason that “Dead Ram Stick” just isn’t working luckily I had another Spare 8gb 2400mhz ram and able to use the 16gb
  3. DewisLavid


    That is the conclusion we are about to come too unfortunately it worked in the build I just took out of
  4. DewisLavid


    Hi all, ive managed to get into Windows 10 on my new pc I built but when I have a single ram stick it works but when I try the second ram stick with it the system won’t boot and if I have that single second stick in alone it won’t boot does anyone know why?
  5. Ok that reassures me that it isn’t that then, Gpu ssd Ram and HDD are from my previous PC but apart from those everything is brand new and all of the components were full functioning on my previous pc, all fans are spinning, the RGB light from the motherboard is working all front panel connectors are working, only thing that has been suggested that it could possibly be is the ram but would the PC not display the bios without any RAM?
  6. I know I didn’t force it in there so it must be the right way around then, just down to the ram and ssd then
  7. I will give that a try after trying the ram again and the cpu power connector may be the wrong way( i will be so mad if it is)
  8. Just discovered that it shouldn’t need a bios update as in box of the cpu there was a little leaflet saying “ motherboards with amd ryzen 3000 desktop ready label on the box Are compatible without requiring a bios update” which the motherboard box has this on it so back to square 1 I guess just going to have to check all connections 1000 times
  9. I will get onto them in a minute if I can
  10. I’ve tried that and unfortunately same thing happens, I’ve just seen somewhere online that the cpu power cable may be the wrong way around do you think that this will be the main issue?
  11. No display at all, the ssd was from a previous system of mine with windows 10 installed on it
  12. Oh it says on the box Of the cpu and a card within a leaflet in the box of the cpu that motherboards that show “AMD ryzen 3000 Desktop ready label on the box are compatible without requiring bios update” and it has this on the box of the motherboard
  13. Ok and if it’s not the bios is there any other things that you could suggest is wrong?
  14. No display at all unfortunately
  15. Hi, ive just built a new pc, Tuf b450m gaming motherboard, Ryzen 3600, gtx 1070, 16gb corsair vengeance 2400mhz ram, 128gb ssd which has windows 10 installed on it, 1tb hard drive and a Corsair 450w 80 plus bronze power supply in a Corsair carbide 275r Case and im pretty sure I’ve installed everything correctly, I checked the compatibility multiple times before purchasing the parts and everything was compatible, everything powers on I can see all the parts are working but I cannot get the pc to detect the display I’ve tried 2 different displays using HDMI and Display Port. Does anyone know why this could be, it may be something very simple that I’m missing. it may be a bios update needed and if I do that will I be able to download the bios update and put it on a usb stick and then plug it into the new pc and update it like this? (sorry for the essay)