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  1. So iv bought an asus rog g531gw like 8 month ago (i7 9th gen rtx 2070 16 g ram ddr4 ) everything was ok until 1 month ago . my right fan making clicky noise at low rpm(3700_4500) and that noise is gone when rpm rise up to (6800_7500) and note that i dont have any performance drop or termal problem and my qustion is is that going to harm my dvice in any way shold i take it to waranty or its not a big deal my temps under heavy loads and gaming on max setting is 88 c for cpu and 75_8 c for gpu ill be more than happy if someone can help me
  2. I probobly gonna reinstal windows at friday ill keep u guys updated
  3. Oh another thing my core clock speed while gaming should be 1845 _1800 but it wont go over 1500 should this be the root of my problom and if it is is there any way to fix it
  4. I did all that i dissable all backgrounds app and start up apps actly there is nothing on this computer but game luncher and 2 or 3 games but in past 4 month i instal play and uninstal almost 30_40 games copletly from my dvice so there is nothing left of them that could harm my performance that only thing i have not done is uninstal and reinstaling my windows
  5. Please let me know if any one knows anything mehrdadgilbert.mb@gmail.com
  6. Hi i just recently buy this laptop (asus scar III ) with i7 9th gen rtx 2070 16 g ram it was perfect for the last 4 month in game (fortnite ) i was geting 190+ frames but now i could barly reach 150 and it drops under 100 somtimes and it mostly happen in a place with alot of buildings i tried everything possible change dx version set setting to min / off reduse res to 1600 spectate core clock speed and temp of both gpu and cpu thay are what they shold be and nothing wrong there fans go up to 7200 with out any problem and i clean laptop 2 times a week so there is no dust that could cuse the problem and its not geting termal truteling i use a cooling pad thet keep temp low i used maleware byts and adw cleaner and ccleaner they helped alot but i didnt get what i should be geting and this fps drops are frustrating pleas help me if you guys know anything and sorry for bad english .