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  1. Gaming, Premiere Pro 2020, After Effects 2020, etc.
  2. Do you think I should get Intel or Ryzen?
  3. The Ryzen 9 has a higher core count and better cache memory meanwhile being around the same price. (Don't look at the price in the chart google can't get it right)
  4. The new 10th gen processors are fast but 1st are outpreformed by Ryzen's processors and second the heatup is very very immense. You would need some of the best coolers to make it functionally usable.
  5. If overclocking isn't very hard for beginners, I am thinking I might try it in the future. What is the best not-so-expensive watercooler?
  6. Just buy Ryzen. A $120 Ryzen cpu outpreforms the $300 i7
  7. No I am not thinking of overclocking. Is there a decent priced water cooler?
  8. Thanks. What would be a good cheaper cooler?
  9. Thanks! This is my setup so far, do you think it will work well? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/vjNBtp Ps. the high watt psu is incase i do mining
  10. Will all PCIe ports be compatible with a ryzen 7 3800x?
  11. 1. I want to be able to use up to 4 GPUs 2. I do not have a budget for the motherboard 3. Yes I would be ok with using risers.