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  1. Looking to buy a new monitor I kind of narrowed it down to these 3: Veiwsonic ELITE XG270QG...Lenovo Legion Y27q-20...and The ASUS ROG swift PG927Q. Any insight will help especially if you own one or have owned one..or a friend has one. Basically I suck at making choices when this much money is involved and need help. Thank you!
  2. Do think an all-in-one 240mm cooler would be good enough or would i have to break out block coolers and stuff above my pay grade? I'll be really honest I did watch that video but most of what he was saying might as well have been a foreign language...sorry I'm not there yet with tech speech. But i did catch that a i7 10700k would be 20% easier to cool than an i9 10900k
  3. I'm gaming at 1080 right now but plan to start 1440 after i get done upgrading.
  4. I messed up and bought a pre-built gaming rig 2years ago ( i didn't know any better plz don't hate me)..any way I have a i7-7700 and I plan on replacing it, the ram and mobo. Basically I don't know if i should buy the new i7 10th gen or stay with a 9th gen i9 or i7. Also this is a gaming rig, outside of occasional science fair project for the kids, so I want to stick with Intel. I recently upgraded the GPU ( 2070 super) and the power source ( 650w) if that matters on what i can use. Thanks in advance for any help you give
  5. I have the ASUS and absolutely love it. It's great for price point
  6. Looking at getting a new monitor. Here is what I have currently, 24in 144 hertz 1080p TN,, running a 2070 super so I do want G-Sync I was thinking of moving up 27in 1440 IPS. Any recommendations and is the move worth it I mainly play Destiny 2 or Escape from Tarkov but will play RDR2 and story games like that. I can go up to $600 but wouldn't mind staying around $400,,not interested in widescreen. Thank you in advance.