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  1. So i have a potato pc: CPU: E5500 Dual Core 2.8 ghz GPU: AMD 7000 hd 2gb RAM: 4GB (idk the speed) Other specs idk... So i wanted to overclock my card but i am worried that i am going to break something. Any help would be appriciated. If u need more info just ask. I am sorry for my bad English.
  2. That is very hard question to answer. But as far as i know keyboards have a lot of micro things in them and also that flexible plastic inside the keyboard has ingraved wires wich could be damaged during use. So if u ask me i would just buy a new one.
  3. I THINK you should be fine with that one it has same specs and its also from Samsung and if you look closely you can see that part number is the same.
  4. Legit bot, thinks he is a genius for saying unplug and replug 3 times on the same post.

    1. TetraSky


      Don't be mean and that was "cleaned" by mods as well.

      Asking if you've tried unplugging and replugging it is a legit troubleshooting method.

      You're not the only one having issues with Asus's Aura softwares.

      Asus drivers are usually trash tier after all, considering how many people have issues with them.

  5. So when my pc goes first time to sleep it works fine bit 2nd time it goes into sleep and it wont get back up but he is still on (fans spinning etc.). And i can't get video output neither mouse or keyboard input so i need to shutdown my pc with switch on power supply. Im using Windows 7. help!
  6. I would go noctua nice and quiet with a lot of power
  7. So i have been programing for about 6 months now. All of the projects were made for fun but now i want to build a normal game (only for personal use/not going to publish it) I tried a lot of modeling programs but all of them are kinda bad so what do u use?