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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for alternative for StoreMI as they discontinued it. I want to use a SATA SSD as a large cache for my hard drive, so am looking for an alternative solution for this. Thanks in advance.
  2. There are a few programs that really appreciate hardware acceleration (we have professional computer running Xeons and Quaddros but access is limited, and even more so with COVID), and I am an avid gamer, and am intending on getting a 144HZ 1440p panel.
  3. Hey guys, Just built my new system with my 3600, but at idle, the CPU is running at 55-60 degrees at idle. I'm using the stock cooler with the pre-applied thermal paste swapped with Artic Silver MX-4, but that didn't fix the issue. I'm looking at upgrading to a water cooler to fix the issue, but want to know if this is normal behaviour for the R5 3600. I've even tried undervolting it to no avail. If anyone knows of any other solutions, please let me know. The rest of the system is as follows: R5 3600 @ stock Asus B550-f Wifi Mobo 16gb DDR4 CL16 3600mHz running in D.O.C.P GTX1060 (waiting for ampere to upgrade) Thanks in advance.
  4. some of us can't afford that much unfortunately. Just gong to wait for Ampere.
  5. Just looked and youre right. Damn, that ruins that plan for now. Apparently a new version will be coming out soon, but no idea when
  6. Ah, I wasn't aware of this, however my setup would only have storeMI set up on the drive containing data, which I intend to use the spare 1tb HDD to backup important files, so at most, I would likely lose my games library, but as long as my other files are safe, then that doesn't bother me too much, though it would be something to look into before setting up. Thanks for the warning.
  7. Hey y'all, so I have ordered all my new PC parts, which consist of a Ryzen 5 3600, Asus Strix B550-F (Wifi), 16GB 3600mHz CL16, and a 750W EVGA PSU. I'm having to wait until next month to order my 2080 Super, though with the impending doom of the Ampere launch, I am beginning to wonder if I am better running my current GTX 1060 a couple more months and waiting for the Ampere launch. The other side of this, Is that I am starting university in September studying Cyber Security, and wanting a powerful PC for the course, so realistically needing the PC build prior to October when I start the course. And obviously with us not knowing when the launch of Ampere is, it is causing me a lot of conflict. Anyone know anymore about this, and can maybe give me some advise?
  8. Hey y'all, about to build my new Ryzen 3600 build, and was wondering the best way to set up StoreMI on the system. Below are the drives I will have in my system 1TB NVMe M.2 (Windows Partition) 120GB Sata SSD (Current Windows Drive) 3TB HDD (Games and General Storage) 1TB HDD (Transfer from old system. Potential Backup drive) I have a couple thoughts on how to set the computer up, so I want to know from people who have used StoreMI which option would be better. Option 1 : Have my 1TB SSD set to dual boot Windows and Linux (only a 40GB partition) Set up current 120GB SSD as cache for the 3TB drive Option 2 : Have the 1TB SSD for Windows solely Set up the 120GB SSD into 2 partitions. 40GB Linux drive and 80GB for StoreMI with the 3TB drive I don't know how much space StoreMI likes in the cache, though I assume the more the better, so I assume the 1st option to be best. Though if you know of a better way to set it up, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  9. Alright I'll look into it, thanks
  10. So would I be better of doing like a 50gb partition from my NVMe or my spare SATA drive to speed it up? And what software would I be best of using? (on a Ryzen 3600 on B550)
  11. Hey y'all, So upgrading my PC this week, and have ordered 2 2tb HDDs, as I use a lot of storage for gaming, and also photo/video editing. Am I better off RAIDing these drives for faster performance and seeing them as 1 drive in the OS, or leaving them as is? Haven't ever RAIDed a drive before, so this field is basically completely new to me, so would highly appreciate some feedback.
  12. I know, but If I can get a higher wattage PSU, have the connectors ready for an upgrade down the line, and keep the PSU as efficient as possible, then all good. No point in saving 30p now to spend £1 when I want more powerful parts down the line
  13. Hey guys, I'm building a new PC soon, and am wanting to clone my current 120gb SATA ssd to my 1tb NVMe SSD, and my 1tb HDD to my new 2TB drives. What is the best program to do this?
  14. I am also uinvesting in a 1440p 144hz monitor, so that will replace my current 1080p 60hz I'm getting the 750W because it isn't much more expensive, and allows headroom for increased core count down the road. Not to mention my motherboard has 8+4 pin CPU power, which I am finding hard to get hold of (plenty about, just none in stock for a couple months) I'm going with the Asus board because It is much more feature rich with things I will be using frequently (10gBit USB-c. 2.5Gbit ethernet, etc) and Asus is currently offering £65 cashback with their motherboards, actually making it cheaper than the Tomahawk Mag.
  15. So right now I have a 2TB external drive which I use for my backups, but I was hoping to clean up my system a bit and streamline the backup process, which is why I want to back up to the hard drives internally. Not that it matters much, just a preference.