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    BradIJM reacted to ELSknutson in Advice for first time water cooler? Need help deciding on parts!   
    Try Corsair, Performance PC, or EK to buy your parts Corsair I think would have the best prices for shipping but you can always try Amazon.  The Issue I see that you might run into is that you have several manufactures and trying to get you LED's on all of them to play nice might be hard.   Also since you already need to get your GPU block from EK since the Trinity block is the only one I know that fits that card your best bet is to go with EK or Performance PC and just getting everything at once so you only have to pay shipping one time.  Good brands  EK, Bitspower, Alpha cool, Corsair. I actually preferer Barrow Fittings because there like $4.00 ea (USD) which is the cheapest I have seen and they make good fittings. 
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    BradIJM reacted to ZFSinmylungs in Advice for first time water cooler? Need help deciding on parts!   
    Watch videos on water cooling... a lot of it
    But try-hard and you can archive AAANYTHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING (in epic voice) (also says this as I, too ask for help now and then lol)
    I should water-cool my potato, too, so it can mine Monero xD
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    BradIJM reacted to PyroTheWise in AMD 3600 running hot on stock cooler   
    I have a Ryzen 5 3600 using an Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo CPU fan cooler.  My idle temps are usually 35-40c.   My normal gaming loads don't push it much higher either.   The Arctic cpu cooler is also fairly quiet as well and easy to manage in the BIOS.  They are PWM fans.
    If you are worried about the temps, don't go overboard on a water cooler unless you just want to.   There are great Air CPU coolers that will work just as efficient as the water coolers.
    Here is a screen shot of my temperatures using the Arctic cooler under light load (running discord, web-browser multiple tabs).  Nothing demanding:

    When I am running games like Elite Dangerous, MechWarrior 5 the temps will go up but they stay well in check.  I keep monitoring it just in case.
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    BradIJM reacted to Demonic Donut in AMD 3600 running hot on stock cooler   
    *Edit* yes this is normal behavior and not a concern, but you can make adjustments to run cooler and with less power draw.*
    Undervolt your CPU. Better yet, overclock it at lower voltage.
    My board runs stock voltage insanely high. 1.45 idle and 1.35 under heavy stress tests. I can run prime95 stable 4.3ghz all core OC at 1.3 vcore. 4.2ghz all core at 1.25 vcore. I run medium LLC as well.
    You can set a negative voltage offset, but have heard some people suffer from instability.
    Try 42 multiplier and 1.25Vcore and see if you are stable.
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    BradIJM reacted to CPotter in LTX 2020 Cancelled.   
    Due to concerns around the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we've made the difficult decision to cancel LTX 2020.
    We're sorry we weren't able to move forward, and also that we've taken so long to communicate with our community about it. The truth is, we've kept all our deposits and bookings in place because we've been hoping that some kind of miracle would take place that would allow us to move forward. It probably wasn't realistic, but after how much fun we had last year, we didn't want to let everyone down.
    At this point, all we can do is make sure that if you purchased a ticket for LTX 2020 you’ll receive a full refund. If you have purchased a ticket for LTX expect to receive a refund confirmation email within the next few weeks, you will automatically be provided with a full refund on the card that was used for your purchase. 
    To be clear, though, this is not the end. We will be doing everything in our power to bring back LTX for 2021 and we are already working on event dates.
    We also still want to do something this year, to make it up to you (and ourselves). We just need a bit more time before we can announce anything, so make sure you're keeping an eye on the LTX blog.
    Again, we're sorry. We hope to see you next year instead.
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    BradIJM got a reaction from Hold-Ma-Beer in Best way to set up StoreMI   
    Just looked and youre right. Damn, that ruins that plan for now. Apparently a new version will be coming out soon, but no idea when
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    BradIJM reacted to Arika S in Game stream from one computer to another?   
    If the computer running the game has an nvidia gpu, use moonlight stream. I've tried all different types of remote desktop/streaming software and moonlight has the best quality/latency of all of them.