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  1. After it crashed at 2933 I decided to let it run at 2400, the speed it kept trying to run, and see if that is stable. It seems to be so far but because I’m running Ryzen, my performance is a little less. My cinebench score is down 150-200 points. My thoughts are, is that slight performance dip worth it to have the extra ram? Is that difference really even noticeable in real world applications? I’m not using more that 16 gigs now but I’m trying to get into video editing and stuff and now that can be ram heavy so I’d like the extra ram. Also maybe I’d be able to get it stable at slightly higher speeds to give a slight performance boost. Also I’m thinking I might as well keep it so down the road if I ever change out my mobo, I’ll have it and it will be more stable on a better board that wasn’t bought second hand
  2. haha here you are again. you following my page or something lol
  3. Anyone have this chip and gotten some good oc with it? i currently have mine at 4.1ghz with it at 1.275V. max temps under cinebench is 68 degrees. idle at 36. I just hit that speed today so cant officially say its stable but it ran cinebench r20 multiple times just fine. even ran CR20 with heaven and no issues, although i know you should do longer term tests to determine true stability. i just dont have any of those programs
  4. Also I believe you were helping me with the same issue a couple of days ago
  5. Yes to latest bios yes to cpu oc. In fact when the ram was bumped down in speed, my cpu oc went away
  6. I have an asrock b 450 m pro 4 mobo and a Ryzen 5 2600. The ram I’m using is team t force delta rgb 3200
  7. I was running 2 sticks of 8 at 3200 in slots 2 and 4. I bought 2 more sticks and when I installed them it went into a boot loop until it would only run at 2400. I tried multiple speeds and different voltages, still nothing. I eventually got it it run at 3000 where it eventually crashed. i thought it might be the ram so I exchanged it for a new set. Same issue. I tried to see if my mobo didn’t like 4 sticks so I ran it in only 1 and 3 with no luck. Then I tried each slot on their own with no luck. I’m not sure what to do.
  8. Is it normal for ram to be pretty hard to insert and even have a scratching or grinding sound?
  9. Once it was stable with only two sticks I re installed the other two sticks and it wouldn’t boot with them running at 3000 or above (even though they are rated for 3200 and I could get just the two sticks to run at 3200). Anything I can do to get it more stable? I would like to have all 32 gigs but would rather have my faster mem speeds. So if anything I’d sacrifice down to 16 gigs to get my faster speeds
  10. It is a cheaper board. Not the cheapest but certainly not the nicest. It’s a b450m pro 4 from asrock
  11. Update. I removed the new ram sticks. Ran a couple of stress tests, and it’s running fine. Any ideas as to why the two new sticks would make it crash after a couple of hours of use? It’s the exact same ram as the original stuff. Same timings and everything. Could it be my mobo? Or a driver thing?
  12. My pc crashed in the middle of a game, it froze and when I went to restart it it gave me this screen. I ended up retrying and it booted into windows, and immediately crashed and gave me another BSOD saying service system exception. The only two things I can think of that might’ve cause it is, one I used a janky oem key for windows, or two I just installed more ram on my pc today, and had to manually oc it to get to rated speeds.
  13. ive got it stable at 3000 at 1.35v. it wont seem to go any higher even at 1.4 volts. also my cpu is now running at 4ghz now. go figure it adjusted the cpu speed
  14. ah. dang. maybe ill try lowering the oc. but maybe not because its running at 3.85 when its base speed is 3.4
  15. But why did my cpu oc work before the added ram?