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  1. So I got a green light. I guess half of my socket doesn’t work so I plugged it into another socket. But I’m not getting any signal on my mini hdmi to hdmi cable
  2. I hope this is the right forums page. Sorry if it’s not. I got one of those free raspberry pi zero W from micro center and I’m trying to use it. I downloaded raspberry lite and formated it and all that good stuff onto the micro sd. I have it plugged in to the pi and power cable as well. I’m getting no hdmi signal or anything. I saw in a video someone had a green light that turned on when powered up but mines not flashing anything.
  3. Im building a pc for my dad, he wants to use it for web surfing and other normal uses along with some of the lower end softwares for design like sketchup 3d. would a gtx 1660 be overkill for his system?
  4. I’m building a pc and I’ve found two different cards in my budget. The msi Radeon rx 580 8GB Armor OC model and the msi 1660 Ventus XS 6gb OC edition. which card is better and if there is much of a performance difference that would be noticeable
  5. My original plan was to pair a 1600af or similar with the 1060 but cpu and gpu prices are stupid right now
  6. It definitely wouldn’t be something as intensive as cad. More like those free design softwares like sketch up3d
  7. I’m building a pc for my step dad who won’t be playing any games, but will be doing some 3D software for design work like architecture type stuff. I know those are gpu intensive programs and wanted to do a 1060 or 570 but graphics card prices are insane. I was looking at doing integrated line Radeon 11 but not sure if it would be good enough i was looking at the ryzen 5 3400g
  8. Anyone in the Texas area that’s experiencing rolling blackouts wanna play a game? Update the bios on your motherboard and hope your neighborhood doesn’t go dark lol
  9. I’m not sure how but I ended up with spam in my calendar on my iPhone. Anyone know how to get rid of it?
  10. I’m going to be using an old computer I’m getting for free and I wanted to recycle it in some way to limit the tech waste. I want to make a home NAS using freenas but didn’t know minimum specs needed. the computer is boosting a very powerful core 2 duo e4300 and 4 gigs of ram @800 (I believe it’s ddr3 but not positive). i would only be storing pictures and documents on it so no crazy large files or anything. I wouldn’t be apposed to putting in a better cpu or ram if it’s not too expensive
  11. I found an old graphics card in a box at my parents place. It’s a GeForce 8600 gt. I was wondering what would happen if I put it in my pc just to see how it runs? Also if I did would could I just plug it into another pci express slot or would I have to remove my current graphics card
  12. A ryzen 5 2600, 32 gigs ram, rx 580
  13. If I can ever get it to work I’ll add you. It won’t work on Bethesda launcher either
  14. I'm going to be building my dad a new pc because the one he uses now is a low tier one from 2005. He doesn't do much besides surf the web/YouTube, definitely no gaming so I'm only going to be putting in 8 gigs of ram. I am gonna use a ryzen cpu and the mobo will only have 2 dimm slots. Would it be better to go two stick of 4 for that dual channel or would it not matter much and I should go one stick of 8 for expandability down the line?
  15. yeah ive seen some people have just refunded off of steam and gone bethesda... might do that