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  1. The specs needed for a pc to run this game is too much. Will the ps4 slim be able to play this game?
  2. Is there any way that I can make any Facebook video be on it's lowest resolution? I'm doing this to save data. I'm using windows 10.
  3. Fiber internet is not available in my area as we are about 1km away where it is available. Can I put 1km fiber or dsl so that we'll have better internet here?
  4. Using windows 7 or 10 disk management, can I do that?
  5. I am only connected to 4g that have very low monthly data allocation, that is 150gb per month. I need to cache all the videos being watched in youtube and facebook so that it will not affect my data volume. one forum said that mikrotik router with routeros can do that, but i am still not sure since that is an old thread. Is there any youtube software, or hardware that can do this?
  6. Is having ccboot as a server software for booting multiple computers from hard drives or ssd better than just using pxe alone?
  7. I am only having issues with browsing facebook. I'll try your recommendation, thanks
  8. I use this when internet is slow. Is here any other app that makes the facebook.com site snappy on my specs?
  9. I have pentium 2020m 2.4ghzx2cores and 4gb ram with integrated graphics and a 240gb ssd. What lighter browser would you recommend?
  10. The Facebook on chrome is not as flawless as how it would perform on the app as I have low specs.