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    Gaming, Tech, Cars, Media, Music...
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    Born and raised in Greece came to Canada when i was young with my fam
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    Car Mechanic/ Landscaping/ Masonry


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    Intel i9-9900k
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    Asus Rog Maximus XI Hero (Wifi) C.O.D. Edition
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    4 x 8gb Trident z Royal RGB Silver
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    ASUS ROG Helios
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    Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500gb
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    EVGA 650-W G-2 Supernova
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    ASUS ROG Strix XG279Q 27” HDR Gaming Monitor
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  1. i messed up first time building apc didnt know i dont think i fried it
  2. shit ok will a 280mm radiator corsair h110 aio b good enough?
  3. lioke black screen and then it was the creen where it says press f2 for blah blah blah and it said cpu overheaatin did i plug in the wrong cables?
  4. no idea a msg came up soon as the screen post soon as i turn it off i tuch the cpu it was VERY hot
  5. so i just wanted to see if everything works first time im checking everything and soon as it post it says cpu overheating so i shut it off right awaydid i damage my cpu???? and do i need a cpu cooler to even turn this thing on???
  6. what cables am i gonna need to test my mother board (maximus xi hero wifi) i just got my cpu ( Intel I9900k) and i wanna check if everything works i dont have a gpu but aprently i dont need one. what cables am i gonna need for my psu to power up and test my motherboard and my cpu and my ram? aparently i do Not need a gpu because my cpu has an igpu so please let me know what cords i need if you guys know thank you !!!!
  7. what wires do i need to plug in from my psu to my mobo?
  8. are u 100% sure about that and does that mean it will post without a gpu and show screen and everyuthing???? and witch cords do i need to plug in? p.s. thank you very much
  9. so my intel i9900k just came in i have my psu and my mother board ( maximus xi hero wifi ) and i want to test it. Is it safe to do so even though i do NOT have my GPU yet please let me know thank you