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  1. have you tried completely cleaning out all previous drivers using DDU tool, and then installing brand new drivers? Apparently this works for most
  2. With DLSS 2.0 being released and the ability to upscale from lower resolution with minimal loss in quality, the 2070 should soon be able to keep up with the 5700 XT as it can render in a lower quality. In addition, it has the advantage of being able to leverage it's RT cores to provide Ray Tracing for future games - and with the new Xbox and PS supporting this too, we should see many new games have better implementation of ray tracing and current games being updated to support this (especially as DLSS 2.0 is no longer done by a per game requirement but rather globally by AI). My question is as both cards are similarly priced, despite the 5700 XT having better performance currently - does DLSS 2.0 and support for ray tracing and future games supporting it, mean that the better choice would be the 2070 especially as AMD confirmed only the new RDNA 2 cards later in the year will support hardware accelerated ray tracing. Do you think the 2070 will be able to sufficiently upscale while using ray tracing via DLSS 2.0 to outperform the 5700 XT? Thanks.