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  1. Hi guys, I am running a Gigabyte 5700 OC flashed to an XT variant but it keeps overheating when playing Totalwar Warhammer 2, it can go for about 4-5 hours for a time without shutting down but sometimes it does it earlier depending on load, I tried bumping the fan speed to max and not touching anything else but didnt really work, I was wondering if anybody has a stable profile for this card as AMD cucked us with its "intended 110c junction" bullshit?
  2. Hi all, I been using my newly built PC just fine for 2-3 months now, no issues what so ever, then suddenly without any hardware or driver change some games like Painkiller or Rimworld would crash my pc. The crash looks like this : Sudden stuttering, audio stuttering, full freeze, no command does anything completely locked up with the image frozen on the screen has to restart computer with hard reset button. In some games it happens after 5 minutes (Painkiller, HL2) in some games an hour (DOTA2) in some only when I do a specific action (Rimworld opening the map). Seems intensity or temps have no effect on this as DOTA and DOOM eternal is way more intense than HL2 yet they dont crash as quick. Might be windows trying to access or write to somewhere it cant and it crashes? Nothing shows up in event viewer other than loss of power, no crashdumps generated either. Did memory test all good, gpu stress test all good, cpu test all good, sdd test all good, low temps no overclocking running windows 10 latest drivers on everything including bios. Specs : Ryzen 7 2700 RX5700 XT Samsung ssd 256 gigs generic 600W PSU 16 Gigs of corsair vengeance ram(rgb) I dont want to reinstall windows but it might just be that, any other suggestions?