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  1. I know this is late but don't worry bro you aren't alone I have a beast pc and I get the same thing
  2. Im getting a issue similar to this 2080 Super i9 9900k
  3. As ive said I upgraded EVERYTHING. So that includes my psu. Psu Corsair hxi 1000
  4. Heading to bed replys are greatly appreciated
  5. What should I be looking for in latencymon
  6. I really wish this was the case but a while back I played VR in my basement and also tried minecraft to see if it was a power issue. Still had the same problems. Also one time when I was getting my computer fixed I asked the guy to facetime me and he was getting the issues. Maximus XI Hero I9 9900k 970 Pro SSD 32 GB of Vengeance Ram 2080 Super nzxt h100i case Nzxt x52 (Good Thermals)
  7. @BlackManINC Before you sent this message I just did a clean install of my GPU drivers. I re installed the latest bios last week and updated windows yesterday.
  8. This may sound like the biggest troll but I ensure you it is not. This has been going on for about 6 months now. To the point when a new release comes out I have to pray it doesnt give me issues. Minecraft out of all games gives me stutters it will hit 5gb of ram usage and drop back down to 0% giving me a stutter. Ive replaced almost every part in my pc in hopes of fixing issues with my computer. Most VR games give me stutters also I even had to return my VR headset. Ive tried virtually everything even took it to multiple stores and people to get my PC fixed only for it to come back saying there was nothing wrong with it, I've done about 6 Re-installs of windows and im just about ready to get give the fuck up. Ive overclocked and even that wont stop the stutters. Also csgo gives me stuttering Specs : Mobo : Maximus XI Hero I9 9900k ROG Strix 2080 super 32GB of Corsair vengeance