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  1. Okay so no difference other than maybe a slower bootup and programs opening slower
  2. No? I have no Idea where you got that first part from... The reason I'm complaining is that I get these stutters regardless of the framrate or settings. Some games limiting the fps down to 60 works like risk of rain. But most of my games I play at 60fps on ultra or sometimes even med settings and I will still get stuttering. When playing multiplayer games I expect the stutters at 144 but cmon Witcher 3 can run at Ultra on a 1660 no issues.
  3. Okay okay buddy lmao Im playing on a Optix Mag27CQ 2560x1440 144hz monitor
  4. Well I try and get to ultra Also I would like to point out the turbo mode on my i9 9900k does not go past 4.68ghz for some reason in-game this is on stock settings no xmp or anything. In idle though it goes up to 4.90ghz with like 3% usage?????
  5. Ram is not a issue I actually bought new sticks and still got issues
  6. 1. Elaborate Well, In games like minecraft or CSGO I get these unpredictable stutters sometimes its micro. In other games like Detroit Become Human Il get stutters and fps drops (The drops are never large usually my fps dips -10 fps. 2. Okay I removed my overclock. 3. Currently the games are : Minecraft, Csgo, Detroit become human, Hellblade, Spongebob Rehydrated, Metro 2018 micro stuttering, Witcher 3 stutters, Fallout 4, Risk of rain 2 and some more
  7. for almost 6 months now my computer has just been toying with me. Most if not all games have some sort of frame rate issue and I am finally starting to get fed up with all the BS. Specs : 2080 Super i9 9900k maximus xi hero (Wifi) 970 pro SSD 32gb of Vengeance rgb pro I have taken it to 3 separate computer repair shops and its just been sent back the same with my windows reset and the claim that my issues have been fixed. But to my surprise every time it comes back I experience these issues. - Sometimes my wallpaper goes black -Sometimes wh
  8. I know this is late but don't worry bro you aren't alone I have a beast pc and I get the same thing
  9. Im getting a issue similar to this 2080 Super i9 9900k
  10. As ive said I upgraded EVERYTHING. So that includes my psu. Psu Corsair hxi 1000
  11. Heading to bed replys are greatly appreciated
  12. What should I be looking for in latencymon
  13. I really wish this was the case but a while back I played VR in my basement and also tried minecraft to see if it was a power issue. Still had the same problems. Also one time when I was getting my computer fixed I asked the guy to facetime me and he was getting the issues. Maximus XI Hero I9 9900k 970 Pro SSD 32 GB of Vengeance Ram 2080 Super nzxt h100i case Nzxt x52 (Good Thermals)