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  1. Thanks, and what imac would you recommend to me? Or mac mini. I was looking at some imacs with radeon graphics but if u say intel gpus are enough for video render then i will buy mini.
  2. Marci


    Hey! I was looking around for a new monitor, a 4k one with nice clean design simillar to pro display xdr. Like thin bezels and compatibility with vesa. Im still a gamer but i dont need 240hz like i have now, i was also looking for bigger monitor (im currently rocking 24.5 inch alienware monitor). Thank you!
  3. Also, off the theme i was talking about, i was looking that an old mac pro (2007 - 2010) is a very upgradable device, is it any usable and upgradable now? Their prices on ebay are really low so i could take this as an interesting one, and try to make my own mac, but not HACKINTOSH
  4. Hello, it is me again, lastly you recommended me to buy a gaming windows pc and than a mac for the apple things, is there any budget solution, two machines, a mac and a pc, pc what could run gta v and csgo in decent framerates and a mac what wont crash using final cut or logic? Mac as my daily machine and the pc for games? I was looking at some mac minis and i dont know if that is a good idea...
  5. thanks everyone, a found a strategy, i will buy an older (2016/17) mac and a matx mini gaming pc, i dont need to run gta at 4k 60fps, just to it run, so i can easily fit into the budget, thank you guys for helping me out, it is my first time on any forum, im enjoying it now
  6. Hello, my name is Marek and i'm a student from Slovakia, me and my family are moving to another house, i have a gaming pc (ryzen 7, gtx 1070ti, 116gb ram) but i started getting used to mac os, currently i own a 2017 macbook air and i love that device, but, let's get to the point, i want to give my sister my pc and buy a mac instead, i was watching som egpu solutions to a mac but they seen quite expensive, is there a way, under 2000€ to get a mac, what could be good for some lightweight video and photo editing, using fl stuido for music and gaming some basic games like Minecraft, Gta V and CSGO, maybe some fortnite and other shooters like rainbow six? I would definitley use parallels to run that games, please dont tell me to use hackintosh, i dont want hackintosh, also it can be a macbook, i can plug it into my monitor. Sorry for my english also