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  1. I was playing a game on my ~2 year old pc (First one ive built, and has some minor quirks every once in a while) and noticed that my fans have been getting louder recently, so i decided to unplug everything, open it up, and dust everything off. My pc seems to collect dust pretty fast, so I have done this a few times before with no issues. I simply wiped all of the dust that collected on my fans and gpu gently with a rag. The only thing I really messed with was my graphics card; I took it out to dust it off without bumping anything, and then reseated it. I plugged everything back in and now my monitors, keyboard, and mouse dont get any signal. I've taken out different parts and tried booting without them individually, but get the same result each time. Never any beeps or LED's turning on when I tried booted without RAM. The PWR led on my motherboard is on, indicating that "the system is on, in sleep mode, or in soft-off mode" (According to the mb manual).I dont really understand how I could have damaged anything doing this. The motherboard, cpu, and graphics card still light up and my fans + water cooling still work. It's looking like I'm either missing something simple, or my motherboard is somehow shot. I've tried reseating pretty much everything, clearing the CMOS, changing out the CMOS battery, made sure every cable is plugged in, and a few other things. I would take it in somewhere, but everywhere nearby seems to be closed currently. Any ideas are appreciated, I've been at this for a day or two now and I'm not really sure where to go from here. I've looked everywhere online, but nothing works for me. Specs: Strix z270e Motherboard Geforce gtx 1070 Processor: i7-7700k Samsung 970 Evo+ SSD (boot drive) EVGA 600W Power Supply Main monitor: Asus Vg248qe