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  1. Hi. I am trying to take the DeskMini Z390 motherboard, fit it with a 9900K and this gpu (Clevo P775tm1-g RTX 2080 No-Gsync Mxm Graphic Card Gpu Nvidia), and watercool then both. I will make a custom enclosure similar to the Digital Storm Spark in size, and will use 2-3 92mm radiators to cool them off. This will be a fully custom loop. I have 2 issues. The first, is that the ASRock website says that the DeskMini can only support up to a 1080 discrete gpu. Why? Is it because of power constraints. If the gpu I choose has the same slot, the MXM3 A/B+, which it does, why can I not use it? Second issue, if it is compatible, there doesn’t exist any water blocks for a MXM gpu. So I want to make my own. I know the basic design of things, It goes in one port, either flows over some ram or goes right through the fin array, then goes into the other channel and cools more stuff down, and then exits through the out port. I have no experience in any designing program to make this, but I am willing to learn. There are just no videos on this. I would like the block to be copper with acrylic, and yes, RGB. I know it’s a tall order but with the Spark starting to feel like it has been abandoned, this thread will help those looking to build their own. Thanks.
  2. After the success of my first water cooling build at home, I gained the itch to build the smallest custom loop rig I can. I would like to make a custom chassis similar to the Digital Storm Spark (2018 Version). I realized that the DeskMini has the exact same layout, like the gpu on the board and the three M.2 on the back. Edit: Found out that the platform is called Mini STX. What are the best motherboards you can find like the DeskMini. What would be the highest components I could get in it? Also, looking to watercool the gpu and cpu so are there any blocks on the market. If not, how can I make my own. Willing to pay a lot for it.