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  1. Hi. I am trying to take the DeskMini Z390 motherboard, fit it with a 9900K and this gpu (Clevo P775tm1-g RTX 2080 No-Gsync Mxm Graphic Card Gpu Nvidia), and watercool then both. I will make a custom enclosure similar to the Digital Storm Spark in size, and will use 2-3 92mm radiators to cool them off. This will be a fully custom loop. I have 2 issues. The first, is that the ASRock website says that the DeskMini can only support up to a 1080 discrete gpu. Why? Is it because of power constraints. If the gpu I choose has the same slot, the MXM3 A/B+, which it does, why can I not use
  2. After the success of my first water cooling build at home, I gained the itch to build the smallest custom loop rig I can. I would like to make a custom chassis similar to the Digital Storm Spark (2018 Version). I realized that the DeskMini has the exact same layout, like the gpu on the board and the three M.2 on the back. Edit: Found out that the platform is called Mini STX. What are the best motherboards you can find like the DeskMini. What would be the highest components I could get in it? Also, looking to watercool the gpu and cpu so are there any blocks on the market. If not, how can I mak