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  1. i already did and no problem doesnt detect anything bad with it
  2. xeon e3 1240 e3 z97 fatal1ty killer gtx 1080ti turbo hx650 80+ bronze psu 1t storage just yesterday i encountered a problem with my system the computer starts a game then after 2-4 minutes of playing it or less it just crashing on any game i play it give me no error message so im guessing my pc is closing them i have already tried troubleshooting my system uninstall and re install drivers repair the game re install the games i even bare bone the motherboard and re-attached everything to it reset the c-mos re-install windows 10 i just dont know what else to do im starting to think its my power supply or ram
  3. I mean if you sending something this expensive you should know the piece you made is fragile im not saying computer components are fragile because they are not but when something like your motherboard bents thats not up the shipping company to handle LMG should have known better to wrap in with more foam to absorb the impacts or more cushions.
  4. the poor thing rocked back and forth since it did not have any proper packagin inside it you can tell by the ripped plastic
  5. xeon e3 1240 v3 16gb ram 1070 oc 8gb h81m-a EVGA 500 watt psu 80 plus rated
  6. So not long ago like 2-3 weeks ago i started getting this error same error everytime it crash my pc this error started not long ago when i upgraded my ram i thought it was faulty ram maybe but i already did a memtest84 check on the ram stick and they seem to be working fine no errors, i just don't know whether now its my hard disk i have no ssd btw.
  7. xeon e3 1240 v3 16gb ram 1070 oc 8gb h81m-a EVGA 500 watt psu 80 plus rated i want to install this 600 watt psu i got not long ago but i dont know whether its a upgrade or downgrade this psu is also 80+ rated
  8. no what i mean to say is that my pc is using a 500 watt unit but idk if using this higher wattage psu is worth or not if not then i wont use it
  9. xeon e3 1240 v3 Gtx 1070 16gb ram 500 watt evga power unit H81M-A 1tb ssd
  10. No i have a open air system i clean my computer once a month every month clean the thermal compount if needed the reasin i pulled my gpu out today was because i bought thermal pads for the ram chips