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  1. So I should go on to live support chat and tell them my situation and see if they can fix my problem?
  2. Can I not change the GPU bios settings my self?
  3. I am pretty sure my motherboard has no integrated graphics at the moment i am using Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor as my driver.
  4. I have not tried any other cables or monitors but I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the cables as they work fine with my 650 GPU.
  5. I have tried one from November 2019 it still had the same outcome Hear are all my specs: CPU-PCInfo.txt GPU-PCInfo.txt Memory-PCInfo.txt MotherBoard-PCInfo.txt PCInfo.txt
  6. The latest version of drivers I have tried different versions most of them seem that they all turn my screen black.
  7. Hi I have recently been getting frame drops in my games these would be random and unexpected couple days after this my screen went black with just a cursor on the screen I could not see anything I fixed this problem but then a day later I launched my pc and I could not see anything no mouse nothing could be seen I fixed this problem by going into safe mode and uninstalling all the monitors and video card drivers.But after I went back into normal mode I tried to install drivers for my GeForce Gtx 780 Ti my whole screen would go black and nothing would appear and my pc would restart after this every 5 minutes when it’s on the black screen I have to go to safe mode and uninstall the drivers through ddu if i trie to install any drivers the screen goes black I have tried installing a different gpu a 650 gtx and with drivers it works perfectly fine so I am confused on what’s the problem can someone pls help me
  8. Yes I have team viewer I can do a remote control in 10
  9. Where is fix this app on the setting I cant find it
  10. Yep that one I have no virus as i recently reinstalled windows to try and fix this error
  11. My whole entire PC just crashes then boots up again my drivers are up to date downloaded new one today
  12. I could play games fine before i upgraded my GPU to a 780 ti i play r6 and Gtav and game runs fine but just my PC crashes randomly
  13. Well the title say's it all i have a 780ti Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz, 2660 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) 10 gb of ram
  14. Windows10Crash.rar I have to put it in a rar file as the original file was too big i hope this is fine
  15. Yes I do have Windows 10 here is a log from one of the crashes: https://pastebin.com/TWBp3Uvu
  16. Yes I did get rid of all the traces of the old drive. Edit: I used DDU
  17. Hi I recently bought a 780 TI 3 GB before it i had a 650 Nvida GTX and after the first couple mouths of having it i noticed my computer started to crash when i played games like GTAV and Rainbow Six Siege some games did not make my computer crash such as Minecraft this has been happening for quite a while now and has started to annoy me if you know on how I can fix this please can you help. Thanks Ash