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  1. So I should go on to live support chat and tell them my situation and see if they can fix my problem?
  2. Can I not change the GPU bios settings my self?
  3. I am pretty sure my motherboard has no integrated graphics at the moment i am using Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor as my driver.
  4. I have not tried any other cables or monitors but I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the cables as they work fine with my 650 GPU.
  5. I have tried one from November 2019 it still had the same outcome Hear are all my specs: CPU-PCInfo.txt GPU-PCInfo.txt Memory-PCInfo.txt MotherBoard-PCInfo.txt PCInfo.txt
  6. The latest version of drivers I have tried different versions most of them seem that they all turn my screen black.
  7. Hi I have recently been getting frame drops in my games these would be random and unexpected couple days after this my screen went black with just a cursor on the screen I could not see anything I fixed this problem but then a day later I launched my pc and I could not see anything no mouse nothing could be seen I fixed this problem by going into safe mode and uninstalling all the monitors and video card drivers.But after I went back into normal mode I tried to install drivers for my GeForce Gtx 780 Ti my whole screen would go black and nothing would appear and my pc would restart after this
  8. Yes I have team viewer I can do a remote control in 10
  9. Where is fix this app on the setting I cant find it
  10. Yep that one I have no virus as i recently reinstalled windows to try and fix this error
  11. My whole entire PC just crashes then boots up again my drivers are up to date downloaded new one today