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  1. So until I get a red message on OBS, or frame drop, I won't change anything. Thanks @Jurrunio and @FakeNSA for your help.
  2. So what you're telling me is that, unless I am having poor performance, to just use one card?
  3. I would test this myself, but I since I'm missing a power cable, I just wanted some feedback from the LTT community.
  4. 1070 VS 2070, I assume there'll be a big difference.
  5. Just a thought, have you tried turning off zero RPM? It's supposed to turn fans on when under load, but maybe it's just not working.
  6. So would you recommend switching cards to use the newest for encoding? Or at least link me to that comparison so that I may decide for myself?
  7. Dear LTT community, I was wondering if anyone has done, or seen, any side-by-side comparisons of recordings using an RTX card vs a GTX on OBS. I have both types of cards, and was wondering if I should use my GTX for encoding, or if I should switch my main gpu, and use the RTX for encoding. Obviously the newer card will render games better, but if there's a massive difference in recording qualities, I may have to switch to better my streaming/recording quality. I will post a similar question on the OBS forum, and if I find any results, I will update this post. Thank you, LTT & LTT Community.
  8. Do you have adequate fans around your case, and is there too much clutter to allow smooth airflow?
  9. Can your Power-Supply power all of your parts adequately? Is your power supply hooked up to your GPU?
  10. Which display port are you using, the graphics card output, or the motherboard output? Try the other, sometimes one just doesn't work for some reason. If you're using the motherboard, obviously you're using the wrong video output, but if you're using the GPU, there could just be some error, and the video may still work from the Motherboard output. Next I would try unplugging and plugging in all of your power connections, to make sure that nothing is miss-seated. Otherwise, you could look up the combination of colors, or the lighting patterns, of the debug LEDs (either online or in your motherboard manual), and see if you can figure out what error your motherboard is try to tell you.
  11. I know, PC Part Picker will not allow two different GPUs on their builder, but they will not be connected through SLI, so it should work. I will use one for gaming, and the other for alt-coin mining, or video encoding. Now I don't know if this will affect their bus speeds, since my Motherboard's Manual lists different speeds for dual connections, but I just assume that means SLI or Crossfire. All that's left for me to do is wait for my shipment to arrive (power cable), and run some tests to see if it's maintainable heat-wise. Maybe I'll need a new CPU cooler too lol
  12. I've added up the estimated wattage, and the extra GPU, and it's under the wattage rating on my psu. It's possible that I had some settings wrong when I was first booting it up. I'll have to tear down my setup and try running it with both GPUs again. Thank you for your suggestion, and if my testing does not turn out well, then I will need to purchase another PSU.
  13. So after upgrading my computer to support my new RTX 2070, I expected my old PSU to support all my new components, including my old GTX 1070. Of course, after turning on my computer several times, I was met with something along the lines of "Could not start computer using Overclock settings," though I had not set OC settings yet. This led me to assume that the GPUs were pulling too much power, and therefore would not allow my PC to start. Now the plan is to avoid buying another PSU, whether it'll power my whole computer, or just one of the GPUs. I was wondering if there are any known ways, besides hot-wiring a spare PSU, to power my GPU using another outlet in the wall, or if I'm better off just buying a new PSU and rewiring my new build.