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  1. What else is there running? i suggest you make a pc part picker list, see how much power your uses, subtract that from your power supplys delivery, and as long as u have about 40-50 watts u should be good
  2. That seems to have made it pretty simple to understand, thanks
  3. Hi all, I am interested in finding what the laws are on Australian cyber crime as I wish to in the future end up in the cyber area but i can't seem to find any good resources, Anyone got any suggestion? Thanks, Scarlett
  4. I am not a fan of the xbox controller, i have smaller hands and i dont like the layout of the xbox controller, i understand it has some benefits but for me i have a ps4 as it is cheaper for me, and i can play with a lot of my friends, my one wish is for them to allow cross play on all games so i can play with my friends on all platforms.
  5. That does seem logical but i think that it may be also to allow some more space for specs inside, or just design, can find out when we can get our hands on it
  6. That is a good point, but i recon they have thought of a way around it.
  7. That is true, but i think they may have this time made it so its a bit quieter, I hope they make it cooler and quieter but never know,
  8. It doesnt alwasy matter about specs, it depends on how they use them as well, i could have a rtx2080ti and have it so it can only run at max 144p but u could have a gtx 720 and have it run at 1080p
  9. What is better (performance/game availability wise/looks)? comparing against friends
  10. So i have an Inspiron 13-5378 and it kept going to like 97 degrees after boot up and staying there, i was wondering why and the heat sink is tiny! Nearly as thick as a pen! Its insane it works. Thought i would share this with people, Scarlett
  11. Maybe, So there is no way? that sucks cause i dont want to upgrade, any way to upgrade the GPU? They sell those?
  12. Hi there, I have a Inspiron 13-5378 and i recently saw how small the heat sink was, due to the fact i barely move it, i added a bigger heat sink which keeps it super cool (under 40 degrees at boost) and i was wondering if/how i could overclock the CPU as it aint that fast and i have the cooling capacity to do so, Thanks Scarlett
  13. Ah so could it be anything or would i need a device on the other side?
  14. I believe it does use DOS, i cant see anything to similar, when i can ill let u kniow what the Model is.
  15. So with the sonar, would it just track where something is?
  16. Going offline. Cya tomorrow! or something!

  17. That would be fun, But i mean that its one of those ones that has a touch screen display, where to print u have to use the touch screen (built in) but another way is to use my library, they are used quite often so would be good.
  18. Hi there, I have a 33 year old computer (starts up but not fully working as i don't have all the parts, yet) i'm wondering if Linus would be interested in having a look at it or just having some fun or something with it, i live in Perth Australia so shipping might be hard but i think i'll deal with that when it happens, I have no clue how to use the computer (i had newer ones when i was born) so i figured someone could make a video on it or something, cause whenever i look there are none, also its super cool. So just asking what to do. I think it would be a great idea for a video (maybe a little bias). All I would ask is that I can get it back in the future and maybe a shoutout or link or something for me. Thanks, Scarlett
  19. Touch pad keyboard for print stations... and what do u mean by configurated before hand? like have it so that it is it automatically uploads to the web? also they usually close the door so may be hard, will have to look into it. I could try and get a teachers account(they have some perms) but i want to it persons