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  • CPU
    Intel Core i7-8086K; liquid metal, copper IHS
  • Motherboard
    ASRock Z390m-itx/ac
  • RAM
    16 GB OLOy(?) DDR4
  • GPU
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
  • Case
    Gamemax(?) Tempered glass
  • Storage
    1x WD 128GB NVMe, 2x Rando 250GB SSDs, 2x WD 1TB HDDs
  • PSU
    Rosewill Basic
  • Display(s)
    43" 4k TV
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 black
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    Logitech 2.1
  • Operating System
  • Laptop
    MacBook Pro 2015 16gb RAM 512gb SSD

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  1. 86k is a waste if you pay full price for it. If you get it for less than the price of an 8700k like I did, its a deal
  2. I wouldn't trade the 86k for an 8700k, I doubt it would be as fast. And I think you got a decent chip if yours can hit 50 stable. I agree about the chips being similar but I do think binning is relevant here. I need the fastest possible (or close enough) CPU speeds for my work so having a better binned chip means I can hit a higher clock, which is useful.
  3. True the total power draw might be about the same, but the voltage requirements will be different between the two. The VRM on my board is only 6 phase so that's why I was concerned. I'm honestly amazed this board can hold the 86k stable at 52x, so I'll probably just stick with the 86. But I am curious to find out what frequency other people have been able to get with their 8086k.
  4. I have a question and wanted to get the forum's opinion. I currently have an 8086k in my work machine and I'm pretty satisfied with 12 threads at 5.2 gigs and 1.31 volts. However, I was browsing eBay and I've noticed the price of the 8086k on the second hand market has gone up from when I bought it. I'm seeing used 8086Ks selling for more than I can go get a brand new 9700k from my local micro center. Now it might seem like a no-brainer, but there are some things to consider: -My workloads don't really care about cores or threads, just need a fast processor -8086 is already delidded and liquid metaled -I'm using an ITX board with probably not the strongest VRM, so I have concerns about overclocking an 8-core on it -My cooler is a Hyper 212 black and it keeps the 8086 below 80C under load without a problem, but I have concerns that it will not perform as well with 2 more cores to cool -I'm fairly certain I will not be able to hit 5.2 GHz on a 9700k with the motherboard and cooler I have, so would I be losing performance if I get the 9700k and get stuck under 5 GHz ? -I know that the 8086k and 9700k have very similar performance from stock, and that on paper the 8-core should have a slight advantage, but theoretically the 86k should hit higher frequency for the same voltage because its highly binned so does that close the gap? I'm kind of feeling like unless I get a really incredible 9700k, I can't really be sure that I won't be losing any performance by going with the 8-core. Now obviously if I wanted to rebuild my entire system around the 9700k, I would do that. That's not what I wanted to do. I am happy with it how it is, not changing any other parts. I just saw an opportunity to make a small profit on eBay and I'm trying to find out if its worth it. Let me know what you think
  5. Thanks. I actually bought the CPU delidded so I can't take that much credit on that. But I did manage to liquid metal it without killing anything. ?
  6. Thanks all. Will definitely upgrade the PSU. Just wanted to get everything up and running and run some tests.
  7. My first build. I'm kind of proud of it and I wanted to post it online and see what kind of feedback, criticism, disapproval, and sarcasm the internet has to offer. I'm joking. But seriously I am curious to see what others think about it. The theme was all black parts. Everything was purchased recently except PSU, just used one I had lying around. Not sure if anyone cares, but if so leave a comment ! Parts list: -Core i7 8086K (delid, liq metal, copper IHS) -ASRock Z390M-ITX/ac -16 GB dirt cheap OLOy(?) 2666 DDR4 OC'd to 3707 -HP OEM GTX1070 blower -Cooler Master Hyper 212 black -WD SN520 128gb NVMe boot drive -Rosewill 400W good-enough PSU -Pair of WD 7.2k 1TB HDDS -Pair of no brand 250gb SSDs -6x cheap Chinese 120mm RGB fans -Gamemax(?) tempered glass case -Don't ask about the dust filter, my kids lost it