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  1. my 970 i had was a ftw and it was an amazing card lasted me 5 years i had a gigabit one that was DOA and my 760 was a evga i sold to upgrade to the 970
  2. yea i was looking at them and it runs well but im an evga fanboy Dx
  3. it runs fine i just feel like now is a good time to upgrade am i wrong?
  4. im just worried that games will get to a point that i will be bottle necked so im thinking its just time to upgrade i have a 1060 rn and im not in a rush for 4k im just worried my mobo or ram will die and its kinda a pain to find the same mobo i have rn (z87 pro) that isnt the same price as a new one i also wanted to upgrade my ram since im running 2 diffrent speeds and cant find the same speed stick any more
  5. i had a 970 but it died and im running a 1060 3gb card rn (cheapest i could get that wasnt shit)
  6. sorry if this should go somewhere else but i was wondering if its time to upgrade my pc i have a 4770k with 16gb ram and ive been using it for 6 years i upgraded the cooler 2 years ago and added more ram around the same time i wanted to upgrade to a amd ryzen 7 3rd gen 3700 i was looking around online and was reading that the are about the same speed and that the 4770k runs as well as the new ones im just wondering if anyone thinks its time for and upgrade before my CPU fails but if i can keep it for another 3 years i might just upgrade my GPU any advice would be appriciated im just worried my cpu will fail soon since its so old i have not had any problems with it and i clean it often but this is still my first CPU (4th GPU) and im a little worried id like to upgrade to a 2070 and get a 4k monitor but i think it would be best to upgrade first
  7. okay thanks guys i have enough to get 2 8gb of ram but amazon does not sell 1600 they only have 2400
  8. I currently have 8GB Gskill trident X clocked at 1600mhz and its not enough to run the games i want i was wondering if i got the same ram just clocked at 2400 instead of 1600 will it be fine? i have read around but i cant get a solid answer any help is appreciated!
  9. aww man i got a gtx 760 with the refund just hoping i could fix it and sell it to a friend dirt cheap
  10. well this is what happens i boot up my pc and it wont display i had them plugged into a vizio tv and the fans would just rev up it would randomly work then just go blank and the fans would rev up again
  11. yea the gpu fans rev up at full speed
  12. i bought a gtx 670 and when i turn my computer on the fans rev up full and it wont display a picture i have no idea on what it is maybe heating i bought it and it was supposed to be new but i came open i got my monies back buy i got to keep it dose anyone know a way to fix it?
  13. i want to know if i shuld leave my gaming rig on at night and most of the time or turn it off
  14. i was wanting the thickest raid and it to be a 140mm mount
  15. i want to know what the best dual radiator all in one liquid cooling is
  16. imma go with a 760 jw if i would have problems but thanks guys really helpful
  17. mm the benchmarks prove otherwise and all the games i play are Sli ready
  18. im playing at 1920x1080 but i have a 144hz monitor so i wanna get the full run on my games
  19. why is it better i wont have to worry about cooling i have like 7 fans and liquid cooling on my Cpu
  20. i want to get another gtx 760 and i have a Evga FTW edition 4gb and i my friend is saying i will have compatibility problems with having 2 4GB cards Should i just go for a 780 i want to run 2 cards but i don't want to have problems so over all will i have problems or not and if im going to what should i do to prepare for them