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  1. Alright! Thank you very much CTR
  2. Interesting... very interesting...
  3. i doubt i'd go that far for random sony buds.
  4. So you wish for me to ask for having "MMCX and a removable replacement cable" ? Sounds good to be honest Although i just sent him a custom message seeing how it'll go from there
  5. I am looking around in lavender and i am having quite a hard time to understand these posts tbh already
  6. I mean yeah but it would be pretty bad for customs shipping fees.
  7. That's some incredible advanced stuff! I'll check it out if i really cannot find ANY model that would suit my need ~ thank you very much
  8. Ooo, that's curious i've never heard of such a thing... What's your experience with them atm?
  9. Ahh i see, more like an EDM / boots'n cats kind of signature..
  10. Isn't there a possibility to have a durable jack of all trades? I'd rather have such a pair. it doesn't have to be THE BEST just.. suiting. Also what do you mean by "V shaped" ?
  11. I listen to alot of game OST's so it's very very varying type of music enjoying feint & Laura Brehm but also branching out in songs like river flows in you and league of legends's pentakill for an exemple I don't know, i really branch out alot so i'd say basically everything
  12. I am from belgium EU so... yeah most of them are outside my price range.. this one doesn't ship to here
  13. Seems to be unavailable mostly or 100+$ in ebay with a quick search
  14. Thank you very much for your reply! I understand that earbuds aren't popular nowadays but i simply cannot wear them for comfort and personal reasons. I'll take a look at your earbuds shortly
  15. Hello everybody, i would like to ask you all's opinion on YOUR best bang for the buck ear buds with certain "filters" - No "in ear" buds. They simply do NOT feel comfortable for my ears. - They must be comfortable to use for most genres. I listen to everything - Wireless or not do not matter in this post. - The price range is a maximum of a 100 € My previous earbuds were the sennheiser's MX365 they had a lovely audio for the small price but unfortunately are fairly cheap feeling and easily break with any kind of daily life issues. So what would you guys recommand me? Most videos on youtube like linus's reviewed wireless earbuds and sadly mostly in ear. Which is why i came here to ask Thank you very much for your time reading and helping have a lovely day/night Stay safe out there!
  16. I have recently installed my new RTX 2080 XC and bought a new displayport cable from IVANKY in amazon. https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B07JQKWX3C/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ( listing here be careful it is in french. ) However when i try to choose 1080P 1920x1080 it only shows a couple of options But there's the option to go in "PC" and get 1920x1080 @144HZ Does that mean i won't get 1080P quality in my gaming experience with this option? Sorry for this silly question, i am just really trying to get everything working natively and effectively.
  17. Currently everything works after some stress tests and some smooth gaming experience..
  18. Okay well.. i ll be testing all of this tomorrow it is very late here Thank you very much for your patience and very valuable help, you re a lifesaver. But i wont rest until everything is tested!
  19. I ve edited a previous post with a picture of a bios setting that could select the primary display.
  20. Interesting... is there a setting i can change to avoid this from happening? EDIT 1 : I found something here would this help?
  21. Here is something interesting though : removing the following fixes the issue : Arctis 7 headset wireless receiver HTC VIVE linkbox USB HTC VIVE HDMI and also changing keyboard and mouse to usb 3.1 EDIT 1 : culprit is the HTC VIVE HDMI cable connected to the graphics card. plugging it in provokes this behavior.
  22. Okay here is something interesting. I ve shut down the system and did the following without unplugging the powersupply or turning it off : - Removing usb containing the BIOS update - Moving keyboard and mouse usb's to rear 2.0 ports -Added Arctis 7 usb into 3.1 usb port -Added HTC vive usb into 3.0 usb port -Added HTC vive HDMI into HDMI port of the graphics card And now when i boot up the pc The PC skips the bios does not show ASUS splash at all and no peripherals power on until windows is fully booted up just like what was described earlier before this whole situation happened.. Whats going on?! EDIT 1 : When i power up to windows and press the front reset button, my peripherals light up again but not my monitor and spamming delete only blocks the PC to this state. Restarting the PC and letting it boot makes keyboard and mouse light up.. then down after a bit and again after a bit lights on and monitor follows with windows.