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  1. After about 3 months of normal use via USB, this blue yeti started behaving weirdly by completly stopping to pick up any more audio unless we replug it into another usb port available. Most solutions have already been tried such as : - Reinstalling the driver & verifying windows settings - Volume, default microphone, allow microphone in applications, ... - Haven't tried using it in a different PC because we don't have one. - During this issue, the power LED is still on. Do you guys have any solutions? Most of them are out dated at this point.
  2. xbox classic 360 one wii DS lite / 3DS / XL switch gameboy color was wondering about maybe trying out a PS at somepoint
  3. i have a question. When you say a pro controller do you mean the official licensed one costing a pretty penny or any controller would do? Because i know alot of controllers out there selling for 20 bucks but no knowing if they're actually worth getting.
  4. Title says it all, disgusting crackling noise using these headphones in docked ( or not ) nintendo switch. ( non oled version ) I have already disabled every option i could on sony's app on my phone ( which doesn't have the crackling sound mind you ) the crackling is especially present with the sounds you can hear as you eliminate an opponent in smash bros. and even more so at high volume. Any ways to fix this error? Edit 1 : My wired earbuds still work normally.
  5. the immediate comparison is that in "HD" mode, i do notice pictures being clearer however, the brightness takes a disgusting HUGE hit the whole screen feels like it has -50% brightness like a phone on lowest brightness settings. the overall experience is just much better under the PC section, however i'll try to get more info on the DP cable i am currently using to make sure it is suitable. Edit 1 : from what i am seeing, i ordered this displayport 1.2 cable https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B07JQKWX3C/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Am i losing image quality for running it under PC ?
  7. I am running displayport with a BenQ XL2430T monitor running on RTX 2080 and i have this weird issue where if i select "Ultra HD, HD, SD" 1080P 1920x1080 it locks my refresh rate at 60 Hz however, if i scroll down to the "PC" section i am able to run 1920x1080 at 144hz does that mean i do not get 1080P native resolution? How does this work? Do i have the wrong generation cabling for this ? I am legit confused.
  8. Sounds good.. although looking at the good ol' 5000 series AMD processor graphs i think i have a large amount of money to work for. I am seriously wondering if the I9 9900K is even worth the purchase with ryzen around i can find deals around 300€..
  9. GPU upgrade wasn't really planned do not worry. That is indeed a possibility.. although i thought my current chip did have hyperthreading.. damn. I did realise that i had too fewer cores when i got surprised with a new GPU ( my I5 choice was made when a GTX 970 was being used at the time of the purchase ) thanks for your suggestion!
  10. Oh i wasn't really planning to upgrade my GPU, my problem with it is that i have some weird performance issues happening with it on apex legends mostly, but that might just be a game specific problem. Any RAM you could recommand me? Any MOBO's you think are pretty good for AM4 socket? ( Would require at least 4 USB's in the back of it + 970 EVO NVM-E compatible gen slot ) As for emulation the biggest things i have is sudden freezes and crashes on MuMu APP player during 60-120 FPS gameplay in FGO but that might again just be a specific problem
  11. Hello everyone, i am currently looking forward to replacing my current rig with an upgrade due to multiple issues and help in various new workloads ( mainly emulation of various platforms at 60 - 120 - 144 FPS ) I do not have a specific budget, i'll just be working towards the goal overtime. My current objective is to be able to run my games at 1080P 144Hz at pretty high but reasonable settings. ( possibly looking to upgrade to 1440P high refresh rate in the future ) I am coming to this forum mainly to ask about possible upgrades for CPU / RAM / Mobo / i've had m
  12. UPDATE! After some weird turn of events, it would seem that trying to use one or either of the HDD drives result in them being either unreadable in RAW or litterally blocking windows from launching. They seem to have some system files that can read each other and get detected by windows. I will try to backup the data somehow and re-format them to fix the issue. EDIT: i'll consider the thread solved, i'll create a new one if another issue arises.
  13. Interesting.. thank you for your search i'll try swapping the ports..?
  14. Thank you, checking now, i have an ASUS prime Z390-A EDIT : it wouldn't make sense, my drive is well recognised but in RAW system file.