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  1. UPDATE! After some weird turn of events, it would seem that trying to use one or either of the HDD drives result in them being either unreadable in RAW or litterally blocking windows from launching. They seem to have some system files that can read each other and get detected by windows. I will try to backup the data somehow and re-format them to fix the issue. EDIT: i'll consider the thread solved, i'll create a new one if another issue arises.
  2. Interesting.. thank you for your search i'll try swapping the ports..?
  3. Thank you, checking now, i have an ASUS prime Z390-A EDIT : it wouldn't make sense, my drive is well recognised but in RAW system file.
  4. Hello everyone, i have a bit of a weird issue I have received a brand new NVM-E SSD and decided to install it. I had 3 SSD's and 2 HDD's previously. After installing windows without any disk being plugged in, only the NVM-E, i shut down my PC and inserted the drives ( and installed drivers ) One of my SSD's is detected, however, my HDD is unrecognisable and forced to being formatted before use, was usable perfectly before the system file reads "RAW" Are my files lost? What are my chances to recover? I have a TB of games in there... <-< Thank y
  5. Situation : Hello everyone, i am highly considerating to upgrade my rig with the new January sales that are going to happen in belgium. However i am stuck in a weird position. My current storage is kinda starting to show it's wear & lacking storage for AAA titles but i am also having some Intel I5 pain. What would you recommand me to do? ( 1 ) Either replace my mobo and CPU to gain performance in games ( 2 ) upgrade my storage to include more games and benefit from NVM-E speeds thinking that my I5 should be enough to proceed for a while..
  6. Alright! Thank you very much CTR
  7. Interesting... very interesting...
  8. i doubt i'd go that far for random sony buds.
  9. So you wish for me to ask for having "MMCX and a removable replacement cable" ? Sounds good to be honest Although i just sent him a custom message seeing how it'll go from there
  10. I am looking around in lavender and i am having quite a hard time to understand these posts tbh already
  11. I mean yeah but it would be pretty bad for customs shipping fees.
  12. That's some incredible advanced stuff! I'll check it out if i really cannot find ANY model that would suit my need ~ thank you very much
  13. Ooo, that's curious i've never heard of such a thing... What's your experience with them atm?
  14. Ahh i see, more like an EDM / boots'n cats kind of signature..
  15. Isn't there a possibility to have a durable jack of all trades? I'd rather have such a pair. it doesn't have to be THE BEST just.. suiting. Also what do you mean by "V shaped" ?