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  1. never heard of an intel 06 also what socket type does your computer use? the cpu uses a LGA775 socket, so if you recently upgraded, that might be the problem. also, are you sure the cpu is compatible?
  2. did you take the CPU off the motherboard? if so, did you replace the thermal paste? probably not the issue tho... what OS do you run? if you run windows, try a hard restart. i know they have a key combo for macOS but idk about windows. i had a similar issue on my 2010 mac and it worked after the hard restart! Try it maybe?
  3. I have a Dell Optiplex 755 that i got from my dads office. It has a LGA775 Socket type, and i was wondering if it is possible to get a six core cpu or a high performance cpu onto the motherboard. if so, please link. I am looking to use the pc for a very small Minecraft server for me and my brothers. If a six-core is not realistic, please say so, and if there is a good cpu that you would reccomend, please state it. also, if there are any reccomended 4x4gb ddr2 ram, please link it, for i need as much ram as possible. (Btw i already have a SSD!) -BazBen Hi