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  1. ty its a bad connection but for the power connector to the mobo on the psu do you have any tricks or anything to try to keep this from happening again either way thanks alot
  2. ok thanks i was thinking psu issue also not an old psu just over powerd for the system it is modular tho so ill check the cables
  3. 1. i do not know how to do the first one 2.i've done that and i definitely should have made a list of things that i tried ive reseated everything ive tried booting with bare minimum i've used a different mobo that i know works ive tried different ram(in every slot) i cant think of what else i've done but i cant think of anything else to do so.
  4. so ive been trying to hold off on asking for help on this issue but i cant anymore so here. my cpu is a fx8350 old i know my mobo is the asus sabertooth 990fx not the issue ive tried other mobos that do work and they did for a wile ill get to that. i do have 2 brands of ram i have a stick of 1x8gb hyper x beast and 2 sticks of 1x8gb g.skill hyper x is a different speed but turned down still not the issue. i have a gtx 1650 s not the issue. my psu is a 1200 watt coolermaster ill find the exact one if needed but i dont think its needed so. the issues are 1. the pc sometimes wont give beep
  5. I am unable to convert this harddrive to basic its stuck in dynamic when i try to switch it, it pops up a virtual disk manager window saying "the driver returned an invalid parameter error". idk if you need the type of hdd but it is a toshiba mq01abd075. any help is appreciated.
  6. so i found the issue is the usb3_12 port on the motherboard i unplugged it and it worked fine but if i plug it back in it doesnt work do you know any way i could fix that so that i can have my front 3.0 ports
  7. Do you know any way to fix my psu shutting off before giving beep code
  8. Ok thanks for the help
  9. The mobo is the asus 970 gaming/pro and the cpu is the fx 8350
  10. The only thing plugged in is the cpu still won't boot does that mean cpu issue?
  11. I took out one and still won't boot
  12. I've already tried a different motherboard does the same thing
  13. I have cleared the cmos but idk what xmp is and if you have to get in to bios to do then I cant
  14. My dad gave me his old mobo and everything on it and got a new case for it it worked fine for about 2 or 3 weeks then I tried to turn it on one day and it just didnt the fans started then stopped lights on the the mobo on still but no beep and no boot I realized that one of the ram sticks were different brand and different speed but in the bios it was clocked back. Any help is appreciated.