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  1. I'm not shure if they are working because they stay at 40°C the whole time while stresstesting the GPU.
  2. It stays under 60° It is a refurbished display model only used for a short time
  3. Recently I bought a RTX 2070 and after installing it and runing a stress test it crashed. After looking around I limited the Power Limit in MSI Afterburner and it kind of worket. It still stutterd in some games and most demanding games crashed with a graphics error. Now I had a 500w bequiet PSU and after some reaserch I bought and installed a 600w bequiet pure power 11 but it still keeps crashing under load. Specs: CPU: Ryzen 2600x Ram: 16gb G.Skill GPU: Rog Strix RTX 2070 PSU: 600w bequiet Mainboard: ASRock x470 Master SLI Windows on SSD