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  1. Ill just 86 chrome.. and not have to worry about it tested edge a fire fox none of which used as much resources as chrome does .. maybe one day Google will get a clue but that's unlikely Okay but with rendering and encoding with x264 would use up more CPU then GPU if I have that in my encoding settings .. I really think it's Googles the problem ?
  2. That's my question.. like I could render a 25 min video in Adobe premiere pro with a tone of effects and my cpu rarely gets to 48° c but when I use chrome and have just 2 or 3 tabs open I get CPU temp at 50 my CPU cooler is a Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 and from what hat I have researched it's one of the best. Liquid coolers you can get .... Now I know that common sense says that Google chrome uses a ton of resources but more then editing a video project.??!
  3. I have a Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 I have never had a cooling problem I keep my PC clean since I'm a real big germaphobe and I don't like dust so ... I dust my PC every other week and every so often reapply new thermal paste .. I take really good care of my PC
  4. I have like 2 or 3 open at a time .. I mean i can watch YouTube videos no problem but it like get warm when I'm browsing Twitter or Amazon XD I live in Canada so it's pretty cold in my house
  5. I have a ryzen 7 2700 CPU my cooling system usually keeps it 28c while it's in idle and under load 36 to 50 depending on what im doing I use my PC mainly for editing and streaming PC but I noticed my CPU heat get almost 50° c at times when I am using Google chrome it rarely ever exceeds 48° c when I'm rendering 1080 p to 4k footage ... I don't know if it's just chrome that's making my CPU heat up faster or something I did wrong anyways has anyone else had this problem??
  6. Some of these parts that I have some one gave me .. I bought the CPU and the GPU.. as well as the motherboard but everything else someone got be so unfortunately I do not have the money for an SSD ? later on I may be able to up grade but for now I'm kinda stuck
  7. Lol okay thank you for reassuring me that I wasn't wasting my money
  8. Thank you ? I was kinda hoping to not have to Thank you I was hoping to be able to stream like league of legends or pubg possible Skyrim and such
  9. Okay thank you ? just wanted to make sure that I wasn't wasting money
  10. Okay so I've been hoping to start streaming .. and I've been looking at parts for a PC build which is within my budget but I'm unsure if it would be enough for a gaming/streaming PC PC parts ASRock b450 pro motherboard And ryzen 7 2700 cpu Gtx 1660 gpu 32 gb ddr4 ram 3000 MHz EVGA bq 650 psu 1tb hdd 7200 I was just wondering if this is enough or am I wasting my time and money