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  1. "RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks[1] or Drives, or Redundant Array of Independent Disks)" (lazy so copied the definition from wiki) RAID isnt backup, combining local drives into 1 storage volume and redundancy (speed depending on number of drives and config). Data drive fails, insert new data drive and rebuild what was there from the parity and other data drives (or something like that depending on config). True backup follows the 3-2-1 rule, 3 copies on 2 mediums with 1 offsite, reasonable large storage should be ok with raid redundancy and offsite copy. No idea what the industry rules are that google and all them use tho, but probably way out of most any consumers budget. They talked about the "right" ways and the hack here.
  2. My Unraid server is basically at limits again (poor cache drives). Down to 1 drive bay free in my r720XD (not shown is the unassigned devices 500 GB SSD for VMs), and then there is the almost 30 TB on external drives (which includes an Unraid server (trial license there) of 250 GB drives...not powered on unless needed). Remember the iJustine tour, imagine that but mix of internal and external drives (and tmp folders borrowing storage on other peoples computers too (with permission FYI)). My youtube has been in "I need to edit" mode for a few years as the multiple projects folders have moved between drives and new projects created and filmed. Well 1.5 vlogmas (1 and part of another that was cut short because it was a boring December) that were done all on my phone was uploaded, but Premiere is so much better than mobile editing and all the other problems with using just 1 phone. Right now most of the projects are together in a YT share on my server but random stuff like "gopro dump 05" and "goggles from event"..., so working on sorting/relabeling and hopefully to start editing (when not working on research project to graduate). At 6:30 in video, NAS building collabs were mentioned, so figured it couldn't hurt to post. Come down to Texas @LinusTech, have a Whataburger (being a Texas only fast food), and fix my server/setup before I finish my masters degree this summer. Ignore the uptime, had a power outage just over 2 weeks ago and I still do not have a UPS yet.
  3. With video you wont see much space saved if any. On my systems I do search for text iso vdisk files and compress them as they compress well. Have not analyzed a premier project folder but the amount of non video space is probably negligible to the point of not being worth it at all.