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  1. Make sure the fps limit in-game is set to 144fps also
  2. Then it is a good deal in my eyes you could maybe upgrade the ssd later into a 500GB or 256GB
  3. How much fps do you have after turning it off?
  4. Turn off vsync but if you don't have a 144hz monitor it won't benefit with more fps
  5. Maybe that is something how old is it?
  6. Have you checked so that slot isn't just sata that both are nvme capable?
  7. Some drives need to be partitioned before use
  8. My Xbox One controller isn't like this in my case do you have the original one or the s one or elite?
  9. LOL I apparently broke this guys PC I said he should DDU it because he swapped cards, he was like "Thanks for this my display port crashed had to force shutdown" (shorter version) not my fault bruv you obviously did something wrong 🧐

    1. Tristerin


      Ive never crashed a display port, sounds like a bad overclock ;)

    2. Kanna


      Yeah like crashing a DP that just is something in my imagination I could never manage to do that TBH unless I just press random buttons in the BIOS but something will prob blow up before

  10. Did you install the correct drivers and are you running an admin accounr
  11. Yeah this is always needed since otherwise cards will not work as intended and will save most problems
  12. No that is not the proper way download DDU and clean the drivers and install the latest using geforce experience or nvidias website
  13. Did you DDU aftfer installing the new one?
  14. Was apparently the wrong answer was something the other way
  15. Well chrome take some time to load for me too it probably is due to stuff related to drivers and loading textures
  16. Wow mr spoiled but fr just because of the SSD doesn't mean every program starts super fast at startup some needs to initialize drivers or load huge stuff
  17. Can you please quote since we don't know who you are talking to, and they will not receive notification
  18. Maybe do a CCleaner and Malwarebytes run and check if youtube has problems in your area
  19. You could have clarified that also specs?
  20. Adobe? Flash player? there is alot of adobe products