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  1. Its just a small feature, but I like the knock code very much. It feels more natural than unlocking your phone with a small button on the side of the device.
  2. Hi, I'll start with Dark Souls 2 soon and I want to use some mods to improve the graphical quality of the game. I'd like to know which mods you are using, why and If you would recommend using mods at all. I already did some resarch and found GeDoSaTo, Sweet FX and ENB as possible candidates. Which one would you use, can/should I use more than one of them and are there any better solutions available? For the record: My PC is okay...ish and should run the game just fine but I haven't got the power to go all crazy about it. I also wondered about the risk of getting VAC banned because of using mods in DS2... I don't really believe in it since those mods don't influence the games core data but I would like to hear your thoughts on this topic as well.
  3. Oh, okay thought you wanted to build something from scratch.
  4. You know that you need a CPU, right? Edit: and a case + motherboard while we're at it, of course just if you don't already have one. Just menitioning it because with that you are easily over your budget. BTW: Good luck with your application!
  5. Wow, I wouldn't be able to work in that mess...
  6. Sorry, I think I was wrong. I mistook recovery for something else. But If you can't solve the problem software wise and you can't just stick your harddrive into another pc, maybe you could use a usb to sata cable. (if there is absolutely no better solution)
  7. Doesn't recovery work without data loss? If so, just let you pc do it. But don't rely just on me, take a look on google (windows recovery data loss) or wait for another forum member to second my post (if I am right) P.s. I use a german version of windows, so I'm not sure if recovery means what I think it means.
  8. I don't know the exact meaning of the word lumio (if it isn't a made up word) but the origin is the latin word "lumen" for light.
  9. Oh god I want this! I love reading and while my kindle replaced oldschool books in most cases, I still like the aesthetics of a book. This as a light for my nightstand /for reading would be great. Lets check the price... Yeah, nevermind... didn't want this at all
  10. I really like the speaker reviews you've done so far. With that said, I would love to see some of the cheaper solutions since nearly every small speaker you reviewed was 200$+ I appreciate good sound quality but it would be interesting to see If you can't get a similar result for around 70-100$.
  11. Such silence. many cool. Wow. Thank you guys
  12. I like how it's nearly as good as my MotoG
  13. I had a 24" 16/9 and a 21" 4/3 monitor. You can use it, but the ppi of the smaller one was way lower so I never wanted to use that one. It's not terrible, but if you can easily avoid it, I would just buy fitting models. It is also important that the screens are on the same high so that you have a smooth transition between the two.
  14. I would just buy the same monitor again and use those two. That's if you have enough space. I don't see any benefit in using 2 smaller screens and you would only need to buy one new monitor. The size might be a problem If your desk is small, but In any other case, bigger is better (thats what she said^^) And from my experience with a downgrade in screen size: You will miss those 3 inches of screen when you are doing stuff like gaming or watching videos on just one monitor, what you will do often. So why would you want that?
  15. This looks promising... But do you think that it will deliver similar temperatures than my preinstalled cooler? I am not that experienced when It comes to that kind of stuff. To the posts that recommended an upgrade: Thanks for the suggestions, but I don't want to spend that much right now and I don't really need my pc for games at the moment. It is mainly a facebook/youtube machine (I know, it's sad). If I can't fix my 5850, I would need a REALLY cheap card like, for example the GT610? It doesn't need to run Star Citizen, It would just need to play HD videos. My next post will hopefully be about my next, more high techy build