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  1. Hey dude, can i have a vbios for that card pls, tks ahead


  2. Hello everyone. I have bought the card. The price I paid was low and I did it intentionally. If it breaks after 3 months I won't regret it. Theoretically there is a warranty from the seller for 6 months so I need to keep it high Here is my experience: 0. First thing I have done was undervolting. It makes even more sense due to lack of one heat pipe. 1. Card came very clean and in good overall condition. 2. Second thing I've done was replacing the thermal compound to Thermal Grizzly Kyro. Thermo pad on power section was missing so added one. It's at least 1,5mm thick. 3. I have the 2 heat pipes model and the temps under heavy load stay stable at 80C- below 90C even after hours of testing. I consider it to be ok. Not great though. GPU fan @2100rpm. I have small case - Brutus M10, with 2 120mm fans on front running @1100rpm and 1 exhaust 92mm at the same speed so not very "windy" case. 4. Runs just fine RDR2 or GTA V at very high graphic settings @50fps average. I'm quite happy with the deal, we will see for how long it's gonna last.